Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Boat

I had to trawl through photos as boats are not something I usually photograph.

I found boats that…


…look really big



Boats that look fairly small


Corio Bay_1486

…a boat in the sun (a repost, sorry)


Daintree River_5106-0

…. and a small boat.

But the next boat was to be my FAVOURITE boat….




…some things are not meant to be….are they?


During my search I also discovered that gravy boats 

are ideal for softening butter in microwaves.  

AND still it has been tossed out…




As today is our winter solstice I thought it a fitting time to be reminded of warmer January weather. This pair of seagulls were photographed at the Warrnambool breakwater, South Western Victoria, in early January on a day when the temperature was at, or above, thirty degrees (Celsius), more than double the maximum temperature of the past week or so.


After passing their initial scrutiny…….




…….a quick discussion followed whereupon they decided to pose for me.

Sea Gulls

Seagulls are right up there in my favourite bird list.


Seagulls always appear to be a happy bird…..probably because they think there’s a chance of a feed……which is nearly always the case if I am around them. Alas not on this day.
Another thing I like about seagulls is their colours which are always crisp, clean and bright.

Wordless Wednesday

Now You See It!

My first Wordless Wednesday…..and it’s awful tough…no words!!



Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Background

There have been many times during the past few years I have driven past these scenes and thought that I should bring a camera “one day”. Since commencing Blogging, in early April, photography has come to the forefront of my past times.

As a result my Nikon and I are beginning to understand each other a little better.

Cunningham Pier 3

The view across Corio Bay to Cunningham Pier and beyond, from The Esplanade, is ever-changing.

On public holidays the foreground is a hive of activity with families having a barbecue beneath the palm trees, to celebrate the holiday. While others congregate around activities at Cunningham Pier in the background.

Geelong Foreshore&Pier

If all is quiet on the pier there is, in all likelihood, going to be some activity over at the yacht club.

Cunningham Pier 2

As yet I still have not been to the restaurant at the far end of Cunningham Pier, nor can I am I old enough to remember when trams used to ply the length of the pier and continue on to and beyond the Central Business District.

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge ~ In the Background