Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


Today, Utesmile passed on the

 Wonderful Team Member Readership

Award  to WoollyMuses blog.

I cannot thank Utesmile enough for passing on this award to


It will be added to my blog with pride.

Again, grateful thanks to Utesmile

7th January 2013 and 1st August 2013




Over the past few weeks WoollyMuses has been nominated for the below awards.

While totally unexpected they were received with pleasure. I am glad that my Muses have been well received by my seventy or so WordPress followers and all other bloggers who have visited WoollyMuses.

The awards have also given me the opportunity/excuse to play around with my blog, add a new page, links, etc.

If I have breached WordPress/blog etiquette by displaying these awards….please tell me. Please! Nicely will do! Or contact me at dc2012@y7mail.com and I will gladly rectify any errors.

Click, or tap, any image for more information regarding how I received these awards.



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