Pinks and Yellows

This garden reminds me of our farmgarden,

or at least plants in our farm garden,

when we moved in.

The iris did not flower and had a short stay.

Whereas the pink flowers seemed to

look after themselves and reproduce

in full colour each year.

Now for…

…some pinks…


….slowly blending with…



Very soft….


…with yellow centres.

Finishing (almost) with yellow centres…


…and some…

…stronger pinks.

Forgot about my all yellow images.


Too nice to delete.




When contractors prepared our land for…

….planting trees they told me that they

would remove and bury fencing materials.


Pushing the wire under established trees was

how they left these tangled twisted piles

of wire and droppers.

They were worse the next time around however

their employers were not happy when

they received the photos I sent to them.

All was cleaned up and buried, properly,

second time around.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Twisted