Definitely seen better days.

What’s left of an old stone crusher.

Now obsolete, this old drill/seeder has been re-purposed


An autumn leaf that has seen better days



Images of…

…Paronella Park…

….in Queensland.

  A must visit…

…for soldiers…

…on R and R…


…during World War II.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti:…Seen-Better-Days

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya:...Seen-Better-Days

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy:…Seen-Better-Days

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina:...Seen-Better-Days






The Grand Staircase at Paronella Park

in Far North Queensland.

The steps with plaques

mark flood levels.


Steps at St. Paul de Vence

in France.




Melbourne steps are closer to home.



Southern Cross Station Steps

in Melbourne.

Same steps, different view.

I usually take the escalators either side

of these steps.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:...Steps-Ladders






A variety of outdoor seating.

Concrete outdoors settings

at Paronella Park in Queensland.

Apart from the romance behind its creation

 Paronella Park

was one of the destinations for

Australian and American solders

on R&R during world War 2.

Perhaps made from a recycled packing case??


Geelong Botanic Gardens.


Picnic table.

 Bench seat, Geelong Botanic Gardens.


Another bench seat, Geelong Botanic Gardens.

Some street art from Melbourne.

Not sure it was design as a seat but I have

seen it used as such.

The most simple and easiest seat to make.

Probably need a ten-ton crane to move it though.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Any-Kind-of-Seating






Black and White Challenge:



Steps from everywhere….

Curving steps into Geelong Botanic Gardens.



These steps are undercover at

Mount Sheba Lodge in South Africa,

but there is only a series of columns

along the left side of the walk way.



Negotiating these steps after a night on the town

would have proved hazardous

in Old Sydney town, me thinks!


A long descent/ascent to and from the Queenscliff beach.


Give Coke a plug time.

These steps lead into the shopping centre

above the Southern Cross Railway Station complex.

Coke must have run out of money.

The advertising is no longer there as of last weekend.grand-steps_5550

Finally, The Grand Staircase at Paronella Park in Queensland.

Paronella Park was built by Jose Paronella nearly 100 years ago,

and was used for R&R by

Australian and American soldiers during World War II.

 The story we were told was that Jose charged American soldiers one

shilling (about AUD$0.10 cents) for the use of a towel

if they had a swim.

However, the Aussie soldiers were given one free of charge. 😀

The Grand Staircase was built so that river sand could be

carried up to make concrete and construct the rest of the Park.

The plaques indicated flood levels.

The lowest is 1996, the next 1967 and 1934

The highest one is unreadable.



Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Steps





Tinted Thursday ~ Upward


Again my Thursday post is a coloured version of my Black and White Tuesday…with some embellishments about the Giant Red Wood in the Geelong Botanical Gardens.


Grand Staricase_5550Paronella

Grand Staircase at Paronella Park



Geelong winter tree



I have heard many things about the American Redwoods, but did not know that they would grow in our climate.


Planted in 1873, this specimen towers above surrounding trees and plants.  In 2004 Its height was 24 metres and it was in good condition.  Its estimated age was 145 years.  The tree must have spent about 5 years in a pot, or was grown elsewhere, before planting in the Geelong Gardens

Measurements Source: http://vhd.heritage.vic.gov.au/search/nattrust_result_detail/71083


 My information source web page also states that this tree was planted on August 2, 1873.

Why the Giant Red Wood was planted in the Geelong gardens is not known.

One of my loves is big, old trees and I was certainly happy to stumble  upon this treasure.



Black and White Tuesday: Upward


Inspiration for this week’s Black and White Challenge are random photos taken while travelling.



To begin with  repost of the Grand Staircase at Paronella Park in Queensland.



A winter tree in Geelong.



Finally, during a visit to the Geelong Botanical Gardens in early January I discovered that Californian Red Woods can grow in our climate.

This has to be my favourite of this post…

…I like big trees.





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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Masterpiece 2


Part two of this week’s challenge



Mena Creek_5561Paronella

Below the waterfall was an ideal place for swimming.


Mena Creek_5562Paronella

Our guide told us that Paronella Park was a popular recreation venue for allied soldiers during World War II.


Mena Creek_5563Paronella

José would give Australian soldiers a towel so they could dry themselves after a swim in the creek.  However, American soldiers had to pay one shilling (about 10 cents) for the use of a towel.


Mena Creek_5564ParonellaCan you picture yourself relaxing away from every day life or the horror of World War II?


Mena Creek_5565Paronella


Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (dailypost.wordpress.com)


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