My first thoughts for ‘wise’ was African owls.

An evening game drive produced this sight.

I’m sure it’s wondering what we were doing.

The Scops Owl.

The Pearl Spotted Owl.

All sighted in Kruger, or Greater National Park

Fandango’s-One-Word-Challenge: Wise



Owls are said to be wise.This association came about because

generally wise people are silent.

Owls are also generally silent creatures

which can fly in darkness and

only hit a tree when it wants to

perch on a branch.

These traits are why owls

are considered wise.


Pic and Word Challenge: Wisdom




Black and White Challenge:



I have to thank the African continent,

again, this week for my entries.

On a day with a forecast temperature of 39 degrees

this ostrich family, in Kruger National Park,

was feeling the heat early in the day.

Our late afternoon flight over the Okavango Delta

provided some great photo opportunities.

I was about to forget P this week until I realised

my owl was a Pearl Spotted Owl.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Letters-O-or-P




Wordless Wednesday-Owls




At Sausage Tree Camp we had two game drives each day, with part of the evening drive taking place after dark.


This Spotted Eagle-Owl was one of the night drive attractions.  

It reminds me of some of my school teachers…

“Was that you talking, Woolly?”

owl_0378This tiny Pearl-Spotted Owlet was watching us as we walked to and from our dinner.  I only saw it one night and at one camp.

owl_N0576 My favourite of these is the Scops Owl.  

I love the way it blends in with the bark of the tree.  Once again this small owl was sitting watching passers-by during our lunch stop.  The little twerp managed to look away every time I tried to take a photograph.  However, when MGW stopped to take a photo, it obliged and ‘smiled’ for the camera…even if that included hiding behind a twig or two. 


Wordless Wednesday

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Travel Theme-Deep

Kruger National Park


The sun was deep below the horizon,

but still our spotlight managed to find wildlife

as shadows grew deeper and deeper.




Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Deep