My GoodReads Wrap for 2016


Early this year I completed reading the Nikon D7100 (Expanded Guide) by Jon Sparks.  I found this manual a helpful reference book to read when learning about my Nikon D7100.  In fact I would highly recommend this books for anyone purchasing a Nikon D7100.  For that matter I would recommend this style of  manual for any Nikon (or other brand) camera as it was much easier to read the the supplied manual.books_9546

This  being my first year with Goodreads I was pleasantly surprised to see My Year in Books published on Goodreads last week.

No surprise to see that my longest book, Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, was also the most popular on my book shelf with 561,127 readers in 2016.

However, it was a case of ‘gasp, shock and horror‘, to discover only one reader had read the Nikon D7100 (Expanded Guide) by Jon Sparks making it my least popular Goodreads book in 2016.


 For some reason MGW did not share my surprise or dismay that  this book was my lest popular.

My conclusion is that it was widely read in 2015.  😉  Yep!  That must be why it was not read in 2016.

Book Review-Nikon-D7100

Nikon D7100

(Expanded Guides)


Jon Sparks

(Goodreads Author)

I found this manual to be an excellent guide to using a Nikon camera. In this case the D 7100.

Good quality paper, glossy pages, colour images and font which my eyes could read.

A far, far easier read than the supplied Nikon manual.

 Image result for Nikon D7100  (Expanded Guides)  by  Jon Sparks

It is a manual, so only a



Finished Reading…January 03, 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge-Now



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My topic may not be exciting but it is certainly welcome.

We were due for a change – rain – over night…mid-night

according to the Weather Bureau.

I opened a door at 0400 and all I could smell

was smoke from fires in the general area.

Lorne (2-3 hours drive away) is a popular

coastal holiday destination this time of year and

is surrounded by fires at the moment.

An evacuation order has been implemented.

Since 4 AM we have had a welcome 10 mm of rain

which will have raised our tanks by 6.000 litres.backyard_8192

The green turf is facing its second summer and appears

decidedly healthier this morning after a natural watering.

 maggie_8193Maggie and Sox are happily making use of the bed.

Yesterday in 35 degree temps they were seeking

the coolest spot in the yard.

sky_8191A shirt and shorts are barely warm enough this morning

and that sky holds promise of some more rain….hopefully.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Oops



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



My most annoying “Oops” moments this year are

due to exposure of my photos.

Sydney_0047I usually set my aperture/shutter manually and for this shot,

to expose the foreground, my camera settings were:

1/100; f/6.3; ISO 400


However, less than a minute later after

walking around the corner into sunshine,

the same settings resulted in this catastrophe.

 1/100 f/6.3 ISO 400


Altering the f stop to f/20 made the shot look a lot better.

1/100 f/20 ISO 400

These three shot were taken at

The Big Dig Archaeology Education Centre

at or near The Rocks in Sydney.


My other “Oops” moment is also exposure related

but caused more by swapping cameras.

 1/50 f/5 ISO 100


 1/160 f/13 ISO 100

I like to under expose my shots a little and tend to focus on the dotted exposure line in the view finder.Nikon-D90

Nikon D90 shots are under exposed when the indicators bars

are on the right of centre on the dotted line,

both in the back panel and the viewfinder.

The first garden shot was not too bad in comparison

to some on really bright days.


 Recently I have picked up my D7100,

because it had the ‘right lens’ on it,

and made sure all my exposure indicators

were on the right side of zero,

with disastrous results.