Some images of uniquely Australian residents.


The New Holland Honeyeater was so named by…

…by Dutch explorers,

the first European explorers

to visit Australia.



Unique to Australia would not be complete

without mentioning the

cuddly Koala  🙂.



Amanda                       Sandi





As soon as I saw the theme …

‘Is anything scarier than a two-headed Hummingbird?’…

my mind immediately went to this image

of our resident New Holland Honey Eater

My mind immediately went to this image

of our resident new Holland Honey Eater.

This was one Honey Eater I did not want to cross.





Staying with the obvious this week.

Wedge Tail Eagle

A Lilac Breasted Roller in

Kruger National Park,

South Africa.

And with that expression I had to include

a member of our new Holland Honey Eater family.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Things-with-Wings


Weekly Photo Challenge-Cheeky



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some photos of a face from MGW’s phone.

Whenever we suspect the dogs of a wrong doing…

 Candi, like the cheeky kid in the classroom, has a

‘…it wasn’t me…’ expression on her face. 

Naturally Taji is ‘guilty‘ all the time.


Our resident New Holland Honey Eater

is also a bit on the cheeky side.


Not afraid to berate family members, or…


 onlookers, alike!


Now everyone who reads my blog

will know that our dogs are ‘outside’ dogs.

Doesn’t this expression say

I’m inside.  Whacha going to do about it?




One Word Photo Challenge-Hummingbird




is the

New Holland Honey Eater



No hummingbirds around here,

that I know of, so…

this is the best I could think of…

 was our family of

New Holland Honey Eaters.

This one was rather forthright

in telling me and its young,

where to go.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Hummingbird


Wordless Wednesday17_1805_New-Holland-Honey_Eater

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On Tuesday I managed to capture a few shots of…
our New Holland Honey Eaters
hard at work…

in the remnants of our Grevillea blooms.


Hope you enjoyed.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (

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