Log cabin style accommodation

greeted us at…

…the Mike Wiegele Blue River Resort

in British Columbia.

Comfy and cozy is an apt description for this accommodation

which came equipped with a huge fireplace if required.

And note the view out the window.

it is real and not a painting.

Just stunning, gorgeous…or

a superlative of your choice..


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge: Comfortable-And-Cozy



North American blues this week.

Our verandah view at the

Mike Wiegele Resort,

Blue River, Canada

We had a wonderful visit to

3,700 feet high Grouse Mountain…


where blue skies and icy snow packs gave us

something unusual to photograph.

We had been told of Beaver Tails so just had  to sample.


Although a cardiologist may not agree.

A few weeks later were soaring into the wild blue yonder

as we departed Fairbanks, in our bright blue plane,

crossing the Arctic Circle on our way

to Wiseman, Alaska.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Blue