Photos from all over.

LIft off at the Maun Airport in Botswana

for our late afternoon flight

over the Okavango Delta.



Many of our train carriages have

a ‘Made in Victoria’ stencil on the windows,

which has produced a nice shadow

for this image.



Recently I had a disappointing visit to

Lake Burrumbeet

Probably the wrong time of year

and not much water in it.


The highlight of my Lake Burrumbeet visit

was spotting this wallabies head directly

in front of my car.

Not a great shot but best in the time I had,

of it bounding through the

shadows of lakeside trees.






An early morning shadow from the

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans and

Lekhubu Island’s…

flighty Kalahari Scrub Robin

At the other end of the day we begin our flight over

the Okavango Delta

at the Maun Airport.

In late afternoon both elephants and trees

cast long shadows.



Finally, a home grown shadow.

Possibly the first time I photographed a shadow. 

Sadly the tree is no longer. 

I thought the church had disappeared also.

However, Google of February 2018 says differently. 

Twelve months is a long time though.


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Having never heard of the word ‘riparian

on any previous occasion…

I discovered that it simply refers to

being ‘situated or dwelling on the bank of a river,

or other body of water.’


I think our accommodation at Maun, Botswana,

fits that description aptly…

as both our accommodation and the resort

were less than a stone’s throw from…

one of the Okavango Delta’s many water ways.


And I never did ask if this was a flooded fence,

or a fence in water to keep some of the

water-loving creatures away from

the tourists front door.


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A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Fly


My contribution for this week’s

 Word of the Week Challenge…



A late entry this week.

fly_0053Birds in full flight…

fly_0629Difficult to capture…but well worth the effort.

hornbill_0033A  hornbill escaping with a morsel…

fly_0410while our Cessena’s shadow remains on the tarmac…

fly_0412as we lift off at Maun airport, to fly over the Okavango Delta.