This year we had planned another African Safari, in June.

However, our sighting the zebra crossing…

…the leopard sleeping…


…lion cubs at play…


…or the pride at rest is no longer on our 2020 agenda.

I just hope everything is back to normal in 2021.



In 2016 we travelled to the northern hemisphere

where we discovered black lion statues.

We decided that the lions above were

nearly as interesting as their cousins

in previous photos, particularly as we had

been reading books in which they featured.

This lion in a rock was a bonus

which neither of us had heard.

In 2018 we discovered these lions guarding a bridge

which is an entrance to a park named

after the16th Earl of Derby

on the North American continent, in a west coast city,

in a country which had not fought

a war of independence.

In 2017 while visiting the

Western Front Battlefields

of World War I…


…I came upon two more lions guarding this Gate.

These lions, gifted to Australia after World War I,

were temporarily returned for

World War I Centenary Clebrations.

I was lucky to capture these images as the lions

were being returned to Canberra in November 2017.


The word lion/s and some nearby text in Google

will find the location if I have been too vague.  🙂


A Photo a Week Challenge:  Vacation-2020





Week 78


Before our visit I had not heard of

The Lion of Lucerne

Also as the Lion Monument it is a memorial

located in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The monument, features a dying lion, is a rock relief carved

into the cliff face of a former sandstone quarry.

Created in the early part of the 19th century,

the purpose of the Lion of Lucerne was to

commemorate the Swiss Guards who lost their lives

in 1792 during the French Revolution.

Although I did take the photos,

I had forgotten the story behind the Lion of Lucerne.

Hence nearly all of the above information

came from another website this week.

Please click anywhere along here

to continue reading

The Lucerne Lion


Pic and a Word Challenge: 78 Monument