We ‘met’ Limpy, the lioness in 2013…

Within twelve months Limpy had to

be euthanised due to illness.


We met and walked with Sita in 2012.

We were also saddened to hear of her passing last year.

After living on a farm most of my life I had quite

a few pet dogs, working companions,

which I grew to know and love.

However, there was always that day around the corner

when your favourite mate was no longer there.

No matter how good your dog was,

there was always a youngster in training.

It is simply one of those things known as

the circle of life.


A Photo a Week Challenge: One-of-these-things




The only thing we all agreed upon during

our European tour was that it was rushed.

While we visited many sites we wanted to see

and had priority access…

there were many other who also had

priority access also which made our visit

a shoulder to shoulder affair.

We soon found ourselves watching a flag,

similar to this one.

Stopping to take a photo often meant

losing contact with our group.

Yes, it was rushed, at times

but thoroughly enjoyable.






My Foreign post



Just before dusk one night our driver

rounded a bend in a narrow road and

very nearly ran over Limpy the Lioness.

We were never quite sure had the biggest

shock…Limpy or our driver.


After her heart rate slowed a bit she sat down

and let her cubs know to stay of sight,

because there were tourists around.

She was called Limpy because she was lame in

one front foot, however it did not hamper

her when on the kill.

Sadly, Limpy died within twelve months

of these photographs being taken.





The only thing better than having a lioness

look down the barrel of one’s lens…
from a distance no greater than twenty feet…

was to spend…

twenty minutes or more

photographing her six week old cubs.  

There were two….but the other was a male!


Thursday’s Special: Female

Weekly Photo Challenge-Magic



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I could not go past these photos for

my Magic challenge this week.

lion-cubs_0490It was our last night at Sausage Tree Safari Camp when

the call came that we were being taken on

an unexpected game drive.


It was not long before we found Limpy the Lioness.

We came around a sharp bend in the track and

nearly ran over her a few day prior.

I’m still not sure who was frightened most…

our driver or Limpy.

lion-cubs_0529This evening though, Limpy had her cubs with her.

lion-cubs_0530For a while Mum’s tail was enough to keep Nosy occupied,

until he spotted the tourists.

lion-cubs_0675With Mum’s approval Nosy commenced stalking the tourists.


taking cover behind all types of foliage.


When he reached a pile of elephant dung

the excitement was to much.

 He just had to have a roll in it.


It tasted so good that Rosy also joined him

to see what he was doing.


 And there, about 15 feet from our vehicle

the two cubs played spot the tourist,

while the only sound emanating from

any of us was that of cameras

frantically capturing  the scene.

And that, my friends,

is the way wildlife should be shot.


These shots were taken in early October 2013.

Unfortunately, by mid September 2014, Limpy was dead.

Euthanized, by veterinarians due to disease.

However, we will always remember the

magical twenty minutes or so we spent with her cubs.lion-cubs

One of my photos was drawn by South Afican Wild Life Artist, Warren Cary

and now hangs as a constant reminder of that expereince




Cee-Black-White Challenge-What is Beautiful to You


What is beautiful to me.


 Last year we met Limpy the lioness at Sausage Tree Safari Camp

in South Africa.

At the time she had two six-week old cubs…

Limpy_0494-2and we have watched them grow during the past year

via Facebook posts.

 In early September a Facebook post proclaimed Limpy’s demise.

She had been attacked by other lions and by the time veterinarians

attended her she was in a bad way.

The vets decided that it would be better to end her suffering and

effectively orphaned her cubs.

Fortunately the cubs are nearly old enough

to survive in the wild…we hope.

Limpy-1We all fell in love with Limpy, or maybe, her cubs.

We will always remember Limpy and her cubs as we have had a

picture drawn of the cubs by Warren Cary, a South African artist.

Our picture is also a  black and white, pencil drawing.

It acts a reminder of a beautiful animal, in the wild, and

brings us immense pleasure each time we look at it.

R.I.P. Limpy


Cee’s Black & White: What is Beautiful to You