Black and White Tuesday17-2706


Black and White Tuesday


I took a drive to Point Lonsdale lighthouse

on Monday morning.

Unfortunately there was too much cloud

for good sunrise photos.


Capturing the suns rays on the water was

the pick of the bunch…just because

I was able to do so.

However, the lighthouse is still

the draw card for me.



Hope you enjoyed.





A few weeks ago I visited nearby

Point Lonsdale

for a sunrise shoot.

Unfortunately there was no real sunrise until

about 1000 when the sun topped the clouds.

However, there was enough light to capture

a few half decent photos of the light house.

Just below and to the left of the middle building

is the WW I gun emplacement where

Number 2 Son proposed to his girlfriend.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Black-and-White


Black and White Tuesday17-2504-ANZAC_Day


Black and White Tuesday

 April 25, 2017



I seem to be having excuses for not posting Black and White photos recently.  

Today is another important day in Australian and New Zealand and

various other nations will be conducting dawn commemorative services

to remember the ANZACs


When I visited Ballarat in mid-February,

it was the day before…the Grieving Mother Garden,

located near The Arch of Victory,

was to be officially opened.

Ballarat’s Grieving Mother was receiving

some final touches from its creators prior

to its public unveiling the next day.

Based on figures in my Jo’s Monday Walk post

there would have been over 500 grieving mothers,

and families, during World War I alone.


All of that was forgotten on this

warm and sunny day in February 2017, however.

The whole area looked a picture.

Chairs were aligned for local and visiting dignitaries,

cameras were set up and the gardens was in top condition…


for Ballarat’s Grieving Mother.

Ballarat’s Grieving Mother was created by

Peter Corlett and Peter Morley

On ANZAC Day 2017 the Grieving Mother

is another reason not to forget.




Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-1804-Pt-Lonsdale


Black and White Tuesday

 April 18, 2017


More shots from the Point Lonsdale lighthouse and pier.

Wind nearly strong enough to blow my tripod over.

Sun well up, but I do like this effect

when it breaks through the clouds.

Point Lonsdale light house.

 After being blown off the pier….

two minutes of magic.

Thank you Mother Nature.



Hope you enjoyed.