I don’t keep a regular diary and initially

was wondering what I could post.

Then I remembered the photo of these lion cubs

and its artistic transformation which hangs

in our living room.

We had seen one of Warren Carey’s (S.A. artist)

during our 2013 travels and very nearly made a purchase it.

Contact was made and Warren agreed to draw

one of our lion cub photos and

we had our souvenir.

The following year in Botswana MGW took this photo

and we decided that this would look good…

…on our living room wall also.

These are my snippets of the past decade

which will always remind me of our

visits to Africa.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Snippet






Two firsts from our first African Safari in 2013. Our first elephant in Kruger National Park.

Not the best of images however, definitely a first.

Late on day three we received notification that

there had been a sighting…behind us

This was the sighting.

What I call my National Geographic shot 🙂

Our first and only leopard sighting.


November18 WitsEnd-Inspirations: Firsts

Weekly Photo Challenge-Favourites



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Seeing as WordPress is taking a break I decided

to post some of my ‘starred’ photos from my Picasa library.


Botanic Gardens.

A sight to be seen in most gardens.

These blokes must be exceptionally fit as they smile and laugh

nearing the end of the Cadel Evans Classic in Geelong.

About as close as I am going to get to this truck.

It looks suspiciously like the Fordson Thames

which Dad bought years ago and on which

we carted thousands of bales of  hay and

thirty or forty wool clips.

An African Yellow Billed Hornbill.

Botswana leopard.


 Maybe a Botswana giraffe judging by the background.

Certainly not a zoo animal.

One of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

But with luck we/humans will shoot them to extinction.

😦 😦

Finally, dear old Ginger who passed away

a little over two years ago.

I had Ginger and her father Brandy for

an approximate total of 27 years.

Happy New Year




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-L


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to have at least two syllables)

Next week I will read instructions first!

Lions, lights and lamps do not fit.
But Geelong’s Laneway art,  does.


So does Melbourne’s Laneway art.

A Leopard is good.


Along with a Leemur at Melbourne’s Zoo.


Although the foreground is what I know as fog grass,

not very nutritious for livestock and a bit of a weed,

it still does form part of the

Moorabool Valley roadside landscape.


One Word Photo Challenge-Glue



Towards the end…

of our first African Safari…

we all agreed… that it was sights like these…

which held Africa’s tourist trade…

in place.

In essence, these sights were the ‘glue’…

for without these sightings to see and photograph…

Africa’s tourist trade would fall dramatically.

Which is why poaching of any description,

or trade in the products of these animals, must cease.

In my opinion and that of others as well.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Glue


Weekly Photo Challenge-Solitude



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Sitting on top of Lekhubu Island in Botswana’s,

Makgadikgadi Salt Pan was an ideal place

to find solitude among baobab trees thousands of years old.


Makgadikgadi Salt Pan one of the largest salt flats in the world,

is all that remains of the formerly enormous Lake Makgadikgadi,

which once covered an area larger than Switzerland.

However, the lake dried up several thousand years ago.


Although we were twelve in number,

it was not difficult to find a

secluded spot, on this small island, to enjoy the scenery

and experience a sundown and sunrise in solitude.


This eagle soared gracefully overhead

and was in solitude with it surroundings.


Even with my lens stretched to its full 300 mm these

African fish eagles still appeared to be enjoying a solitary moment.


Zoom out and they appear still more solitary.


Finally, two shots from MGW’s camera,

where our subjects were seeking solitude.

In this shot we had set up camp on the track to the river,

two or three hundred yards further on.

MGW snapped this shot as he turned to go the long way round.

Prior to that he was standing there swaying

from foot to foot and gently shaking his head.

I’m sure he was thinking something like

damned tourists…again


This diva did sit and strike a few poses for us

before deciding to seek solitude in the Botswana bush.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Eye-Spy



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Eye Spy


I began searching for a photo which I did not find.  Instead I spied…

hawk_N2133this African Hawk, (hopefully someone know’s its name)…
horn-bill_N2141A Hornbill…all of which have an evil stare,

but are fun to have around.
leopard_N2154Thses eyes are looking for something…
leopard_N2149just not sure what.

elephant_N2144Taken from near our tent, this gentle giant decided he was going the long way around to the water hole this day.


This is why I love Africa.

Zoos don’t let you get so close as this…


A-Z Challenge-SSS


My contribution this week’s SSS challenge.



… a scratching Rhino …



Sun baking lions.



A setting sun.



Finally, a slumbering leopard.




by frizztext



Wordless Wednesday: Africa

Wordless Wednesday: African Delight


Is this an ordinary South African sunset?

Look carefully before continuing…



Can’t find anything unusual?

Scroll down



Our first day in Kruger National Park and second Game Drive produced this sighting just before sundown

To sight a leopard in such an exposed spot is a very rare occurrence, so we have been told.

Totally aware of our presence the leopard barely moved a muscle.

For those who know Kruger we did make it back to camp before the gates closed….just.

Tish Farrell, asked me to give her love to Africa. I have done so, Tish….and I have also expressed my love for Africa, over and over again in the few days we have been here.


Wordless Wednesday


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