a structure carrying a road, path, railway, etc.
across a river, road, or other obstacle

To me, this is the most famous, or infamous bridge in the world. 

I think it was a Primary School teacher who

introduced me to Florence’s

Bridge of Sighs

From that day forth it was always

on my mind to see/visit in person

Was it because I crossed it in a previous life? 

Some I know would heartily agree.


Dubai’s elevated railway appears to be

one long bridge stretching through the city.



One of my favourite New Zealand landscapes.



Finally, the bridge everyone recognises.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.


One Word Sunday Challenge:...Open





Weekly Photo Challenge-Tour-Guide



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Tour Guide


I commenced taking photos in and around

Geelong when I commenced blogging.

I enjoy having a quiet moment at the Eastern Beach…

particularly in the winter.

This shot is near where our camera club meets.

 Geelong’s now completed library.


A Government building known locally as the

Upside Down building.

Sounds like a government doesn’t it?


Fairly certain that, or at least part of

this building is a suburban library.


Alongside the new there are also

old buildings such as the post office.

Our Floating Christmas Tree causes controversy

each year (cost of running it) and

draws thousands of visitors to view it.

Geelong’s main street runs right down

to the waterfront and this art work.

We didn’t  know what they were

and dubbed them shark’s teeth.

Only last year I used this term only

to be told they represent yachts on the bay.

A drive up Moorabool Street (main street)

will provide this view of Kardinia Park’s

light towers at Geelong’s Football ground.

Eastern Beach

Entrance to Cunningham Pier.

Geelong’s Carousel in fog

Geelong Ferris Wheel.


Corio Bay also provides some… 

glorious sunrises, and…


If you don’t want to do anything else

there are always ‘starving’ seagulls around.


This side of the Bay is  my favourite.

With Cunningham Pier Restaurant

as a backdrop to the constantly moving boats,

the scene is always changing

as winds and tide see fit.

and when the sun drops below the horizon…

everything changes.

Make sure Geelong is on your list

of places to visit if ever Victoria.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Beloved



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Some random photos.

Second thought in my mind was Brandy.

Always faithful.

And I just love being a forest like this.


My first thought was of MGW.

However, as we have an agreement

not to post family photos…

well not too may…

you will just have to guess which one she is….

And I love this photo as well.

Landscapes cannot ban one from

taking photos of it.

At least not yet.

And then there is the editing.

When time permits it is fun

seeing what editors can do.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-L


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to have at least two syllables)

Next week I will read instructions first!

Lions, lights and lamps do not fit.
But Geelong’s Laneway art,  does.


So does Melbourne’s Laneway art.

A Leopard is good.


Along with a Leemur at Melbourne’s Zoo.


Although the foreground is what I know as fog grass,

not very nutritious for livestock and a bit of a weed,

it still does form part of the

Moorabool Valley roadside landscape.