While in Cairns we decided to visit

Kuranda Village using the Sky Rail.

We  travelled to Kuranda via the

Kuranda Scenic railway and

returned via a Cable Car.



While we travelled down to Cairns via cable,

others were travelling up to Kuranda…

…and returning via the Scenic Railway.









At just over 16.9 degrees

South of the Equator,

I think Cairns

qualifies as tropical..

Our rail journey up to Kuranda took us

past many waterfalls, which

due to the wet season had

much more water flow than

any waterfall in Victoria does in April

As this excursion is billed as Skyrail we had

a return journey over tropical forests.


This trip was my first exposure to

the beauty of tropical plants.

I could not work out why every man

and his dog was frequenting this pool.

Our accommodation was about two blocks

from an unused beach.  Why unused?

Twice I wandered down to ‘our’ beach

wondering why no-one was using it.

Both times into the water about ankle-deep.

It was while leaving the beach, the second time,

that I noticed a sign which in not so many words

told me that crocodiles also used that beach.

I quickened my step never to return. 🙂



Weekly Photo Challenge-Descent


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



 A few years ago, while Cairns, we decided to…skyrail_4688

take a trip  on the Skyrail, to Kuranda village on the Cairns’ Tablelands.

The day began with a rail journey up a mountainside…

past waterfalls in a rush to…


skyrail_4684to descend to the sea.

On and on we ascended the tablelands…

a rearward glance reveals one’s ascent is the opposite of a descent.

A pleasant few hours in Kuranda village and it was time to return to Cairns.


skyrail_4769Our journey down from the tablelands also required some ascents…

and far below us the train was making another ascent….or was it a descent?
Up and over and…

skyrail_4790down we went, slowly descending…
passing over roads and vehicles descending in another manner…

until at last the end was in sight.

And so ends the descent and our Skyrail outing to Kuranda.

Well worth a visit should you be in the Cairns area.





Cee’s Which Way Challenge-Week 4

The way down the mountains from Kuranda, was the best part of the day.


Sky Rail_4769




Cee’s Which Way Challenge-Wk 3

Apart from the train travellers can also take a winding drive through the State Forest to Kuranda Village.



This is the second way to Kuranda Village from Cairns. Although we did not drive this road I am sure it would be my least favourite way to Kuranda.




Cee’s Which Way Challenge-Wk 2

This is how we travelled up to Kuranda Village on the outskirts of Cairns.

It is a slow, picturesque, ride through the Kuranda State Forest.



Over bridges which cling to the mountain sides and past scenic waterfalls to Kuranda Village.