My favourite images are local,

with one exception.

I just could not create this post without including

one of my lion cubs…dubbed Nosy and Rosy

Six weeks old, wild, and with mum relaxing

about 50 metres away, this image is one

of around 300 taken in the twenty minutes

we spent time with these loveable (at this age) creatures.

Geelong’s Griffin Gully Pier at sunrise.

Boat lights Geelong marina

‘Twas only dumb luck that I looked to the right

and spotted this scene.

Still at Griffin Gully Pier.

One of my all time favourite images.

A half hour drive out of Geelong

and I captured this sunset.

I like the silhouettes and the rich blue sky.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Favourites




Last Tuesday (May, 11) I was

discharged from hospital after having

knee replacement surgery on May 5.

At his stage crutches are only a support.

However, I’m not quite confident enough to

leave them, or a walking stick, behind.

Modern medicine is amazing.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Last-Week