Random wind related images.

An airborne kite surfer.

Same surfer plus kite.


A nearby wind farm. 

We moved before what was described as

the largest wind farm (140 towers)

in the Southern Hemisphere was built in Western Victoria. 

We weren’t anti wind farm….just coincidence. 

Now another of 145 towers is planned for the same area.

Where there are crops….wind isn’t really required

this time of year.

Finally, back to water and a windsurfer.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  The-Wind




At Warrnambool’s Logans Beach…

I was fortunate enough to capture some

Southern Right Whales

splashing around in the nursery.


The right conditions and there are

plenty of splashes at Torquay’s Beaches.


Hopkins Falls

August 2017

Bound to be a splash when this kite surfer touched down.


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Patti: Splash

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Leya: Splash

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Amy: Splash

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge Tina: Splash




I think (think because I photographed two windfarms

in recent years and there are no identifable landmarks)…

this may be the windfarm near our old home.

It was, with 104 turbines the largest, when built,

in the Southern Hemisphere.

Since then a windfarm of 231 turbines has been,

or is being, constructed

about an hours drive from Geelong.

Wind in the neighbours trees.


Kite surfing…

at Torquay beach.

Finally, windsurfers also near Torquay.





At Torquay Beach…


I found…


three similar, but different props.


back in mid November.

This appeared to be the most fun and

provided more photo opportunities.


There was several hundred metres camera and subject.

Severe cropping seemed the best way to accentuate

the board and spray.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Props


Travel Theme-Snowy




Travel Theme.


So pleased that Ailsa left this theme as snowy rather than snow.

 Snowy I have…real snow I have never seen!!snow_flake_1961

Snow Drops transported from our farm home.


Erlicheer…jonquil or daffodil?

 I cannot remember what was on the label

and Google gives the same images for both.


Snowy white pelicans seem to love the Geelong area…

pelican_3035or maybe it’s just that there are wetlands which are

accessible to both birds and photographer.


These snow caps draw out…

torquay_surfer_0092surfers any time of the year..

torquay_kite_3346Last week I saw my first kite surfer ever.


It looked more fun than board surfing.

Much quicker movement…

more photography opportunities.

ibis_0088Finally, a dear old Ibis.



Where’s My Backpack: Snowy