My best ever four legged friend…Brandy pup, circa Christmas 1988 / January 1989. 

He wasn’t much older before he began to work sheep for me. 

He worked so well that I called him

my Six Million Dollar Dog…after the television show.

Then he took command of the ute and

would sit and wait for hours.


Teaching the new chum how to behave on a  truck!

I think this is Zoe…not brandy’s pup.

He only ever sired one litter and died

about two weeks after they were born.

From that litter I kept Ginger who died,

as suddenly as Brandy did, in 2015

Both Brandy and Ginger would ‘sing’ (howl) on cue,

although Ginger was harder to start and keep going.

She was a little princess.

Father and daughter were around for 26 years combined….

so definitely four-legged friends.


Wits End Weekly Prompt:  Four-Legged-Friends



This is a very typical scene in the backyard

Candi annoying/teasing Taji

in an effort to get Taji to react/play/chase. One day Taji will react and Candi

will tease no more. 

She  will be put in her place. 

Every Labrador we have owned

has gone through the same thing…..

for a while.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Tease

Black and White Tuesday17-0314_


Black and White Tuesday

 March 14, 2017



I tired my hand at photographing

some roadside grass this week.

In another life I would call these grasses weeds!

But in this forum…they are subjects!


I was sorely tempted to crop just the centre of this one and

call it Roadside Blue Poles after we (Australia)

paid a world record price of $1.3 million

for a piece of art in 1973.

It was a case of love it, or hate it.

There was no in between!

According to Google it is now worth $350 million.

Just shows how much I know about art! 🙂

If you have not heard of, or seen, 

Blue Poles…Click here.



Hope you enjoyed.



Black and White Tuesday17-0307_Pets


Black and White Tuesday

 March 07, 2017



Feel like morning exercises?

Would you exercise like a Labrador?

Or would you exercise like a…

kelpie and really stretch those muscles?



Hope you enjoyed.



Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge-Wk-46


Our Guard Dog


Being a guard dog can take its toll on a hard-working kelpie.

ginger_0001Ginger was absolutely exhausted after performing her Sunday morning guard duties today…

and a rest in the warm, winter, morning sun seemed like a just reward…to her.

ginger_0012However, after lunch we saw a black and tan body making several quick laps of the house.
ginger_0013She had stolen Maggie’s bone.  No!  Borrowed it.

When she does that she drives us, and herself, insane

as she never knows where to stash it…hence the laps.

ginger_0014With camera in hand and using the window as a ‘filter’,

she was captured on her fourth and last lap.

And Maggie did retrieve her bone shortly after this photo was taken and

once again peace reigned supreme over our backyard.



Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


A-Z Challenge-K-K-K


My contribution this week.


A joey last week…a kangaroo this week.


lock_1932…a keyhole.



Ginger, my Black and Tan Kelpie.  The Kelpie is an Australian sheep dog.  The Black and Tan, Red and Tan, Red or Brown Kelpies are the most popular and widely known colours.

Apparently Kelpies can also be Black, Chocolate and Fawn.  All colours I have never knowingly seen.



Another Kelpie, Brandy…and his sidekick, Zoey. Sadly, Brandy passed away, suddenly, in September 2001.  This photo would have been taken a couple of years before he died. Ginger was born two or three weeks before Brandy, her father, died.




by frizztext


Old Dogs


As with us all our pets are not as young as they used to be and they need their morning nap! Particularly after the weather turns a bit chilly.

Looking closer you will see that both dogs being ‘well-trained’, have put themselves to bed without being chained to their kennel.


These are/were farm dogs and have spent their entire life in those kennels along with approximately five other working sheep dogs.

Admittedly the kennels probably need replacing, however, here are two contented dogs with a variety of blankets to keep them warm.


From a photographic point of view, I took the top shot on my Nikon D90 using a 70-300 mm lens.  So as not to disturb Maggie and Ginger the photo was taken through the glass in the back door.

Upon leaving farming life dogs were our biggest concern…how would they settle in, etc.  A slice bread for fun on the first morning, in their new home, has now become a ritual. No matter how much breakfast they have beforehand, I have to give them their slice of bread before they truly believe the day has begun.

Sometimes I think they are like kids ‘conning’ me into a treat each morning!

Finally, I have seen much larger images posted on WordPress blogs, however, as a newbie to WordPress I still have not worked out how to do that. Any help would be appreciated.