My emptiness post comes from our travels

in Botswana in 2014.

  I will never forget approaching this site.

 I was absolutely we were approaching a long grey wall

out in the north-eastern reaches of the Kalahari Desert.

Nothing so mysterious, just the water

at Nata Bird Sanctuary.


Makgadikgadi Salt Pans.

What this impala lives on is beyond me.

If these shots don’t epitomise emptiness

I don’t know what does…

However, we both felt that these shots…


epitomise our preconceived thoughts of what Africa

would look like.


Pic and Word Challenge: Emptiness




After sunrise at…

Lekhubu Island in Botswana…

e breakfasted and were soon our way…


heading north-ish along these super highways

of the Kalahari…


 for the Okavango Delta region.


 Every now and again we would stop for a break

to stretch our legs and marvel

at a landscape so different to ours.


This was Africa…

as depicted in many photos and movies…

and we loved it


Then it was back on the road again…

past small  villages  until we reached

a main road (bitumen/black top)

leading to Maun.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Off-the-Beaten-Track


Weekly Photo Challenge-Extra-Ordinary


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



From Botswana.

building_0024I cannot remember if these were toilets or showers…

they were the result of the whole complex

burning down prior to our arrival.

Ordinary…but effective.

villiage_0342The rest of these photos are villages…


and farms in the Makgadikgadi Pan…

villiage_0250on the north-eastern edge of the Kalahari Desert.

villiage_0270Compared to many buildings and villages,

these are extra-ordinary.



Cee-Black-White Challenge-Glass


Cee’s Black and White Challenge:




Years ago we had an iron curtain…


today it is a glass curtain.

The colour version for comparison



Cee’s Black & White: Glass







Which Way Challenge-14-Wk-21


Perhaps a slightly different slant on Which Way this week.

DSC_1096 The way all meals were prepared was over a camp fire and

the only lighting was the solar powered lights outside our tent.

The extreme left light was our our tent.

DSC_1229The lights were necessary to guide local traffic around

the camp site, during the night,

as there was evidence the site had been

used as an animal track prior to our arrival.


While this ‘local’ appears to be a good distance away,

the lens was set to 18 mm in order to take in the whole sight

and our tent was just behind the camera lens, near the trees.

A irate  elephant could cover the distance very quickly

and canvas was unlikely to be a barrier.

That’s why we always smiled at the wildlife! 🙂



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-14-Week-21







Cee-Black-White Challenge-Lines-Angles


Cee’s Black and White Challenge:

Lines & Angles.



Lots of lines and angles from

Africa and Botswana again this week.

sign_0058A triangle with some 180 degree angles.

lines_0039fences, bends, steps, lines and angles.

tracks_0027The roof supports create a 45 degree angle behind

the line of the vehicle track

sua-salt-pan_0440A straight line horizon and wheel tracks in the salt.

sua-salt-pan_0499More lines crossing each other…set in salt.

lekhubu-island_0544A line of traffic approaches Lekhubu Island across the salt pans.


Cee’s Black & White: Lines & Angles






Which Way Challenge-14-Wk-20


With a whirlwind on the horizon of Botswana’s Sua Salt Pan…


we were happy that we had good guides with us

when we reached this intersection of tracks…


because we did not know which way to go.



Cee’s Which-Way-Challenge-14-Week-20