jump or spring a long way,
to a great height,
or with great force.



Kruger National Park


Blesbok Antelope

Kempton Park Game Lodge







Some colour and BW shots from our backyard.

During summer months we often are visited

by various members of the parrot family

seeking a feed of grass bulbs.

Just had to include this shot after heavy rainfall.


We have often enjoyed this scene during the past few months.

However, Taji’s kennel now needs some repairs

as the visible wall is being damaged

during these togetherness sessions.

A few months ago our backyard became a killing field

when one Sunday morning a mud lark

annoyed a hawk just too much.





All over the world, at airports large and small,

are scenes likes  this.

Jet and propeller driven planes large and small waiting

to take passengers and/or cargo

from point A to point B.

The fact that little planes can become airborne

is amazing let alone these giants of the sky.

My current favourite plane is the Boeing 787,

the lightest of which weighs 229 Tonnes,

yet is still able to lift around 242 to 335 passengers,

their luggage and fuel for the journey,

with relative ease.

All thanks to Bernoulli’s Principle.

 Daniel Bernoulli recognised that the shape of a wing

helped lift a plane into the air because

air passing over the curved top of the wing

has to travel faster to achieve the same distance

as air passing under the straight bottom of a wing.

Fast moving air equals low air pressure

on top of the wing while the reverse

is true of air passing under the wing.

Higher air pressure under the wing assists

a plane to lift off the ground and stay airborne.

Source: Wiktionary.org

At slower take off and landing speeds flaps are

extended forward and aft to increase

the distance air has to travel over the wing

and therefore increases lift as well.

At least that is my assumption.

Although I have sourced Wiki for today’s post,

I also taught a ‘Flight’ unit to Grade 3 & 4 students

during a placement while studying

my primary teaching degree….and still remember it.




Week 115


This is a site which stirs the wanderlust in me.

Upon arrival at South Africa’s,

O.R.Tambo International Airport…

it would be easy to say I was overwhelmed

by its sheer size.

 My second Melbourne to London flight in

a Royal Brunei 787 Dreamliner

was as good as the first.

We are now looking forward to a flight

in the Air Canada’s Dreamliner.


Pic and Word Challenge: Wanderlust