Book Review-Death-of-a-Blue-Movie-Star

Death of a Blue Movie Star

(Rune, #2)


Jeffery Deaver


Death of a Blue Movie Star is the second Jeffrey Deaver’s ‘Rune’ series of novels.  It was, as always with Deaver’s books an enjoyable, if somewhat dated, read.  By dated I am referring to the fact that every time a phone call needs to be made Rune needs to find a public/pay phone…which, wherever Rune is, always works!  It is a pity that authors or publishers do not see fit to re-publish a book with updated versions eliminating old technology (pay phone) for contemporary equivalents, particularly when there are still people reading these older books.


Enough of my opinion!  In Death of a Blue Movie Star we again we find young Rune barely able to hold down her job despite appearing to be very capable.  This time Rune wants to make a documentary and is able to borrow her ‘Australian’ employer’s video camera for said project after hours.  Supposedly Australian employers sounded very much like a Cockney accent as I read the book.   The vernacular was not quite right, in my opinion.  To me this was so with many movies of the 1970s and 1980s which contained an ‘Australian’ character which often sounded very British.


Young Rune’s project soon sees her involved with murders which only she wants to solve.  Generally, the police are not all that inclined to pursue these crimes because they occur and involve persons making Adult Movies.  The only person who considers her crusade worthwhile is a member of the bomb squad and is nearly twice her age.  Does he have an ulterior motive for helping her?   Read the book to find out!


Death of a Blue Movie Star is an enjoyable read, as are all of Deaver’s ‘Rune’ books; however Death of a Blue Movie Star had a totally unexpected twist near the end.


I have rated Death of a Blue Movie Star a solid three star read.


Other Goodreads Readers have rated Death of a Blue Movie Star an average of 3.49 stars, from 1,282 Ratings and 54 Reviews.

A definiteread.

Death of a Blue Movie Star

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Book Review-The-Twelfth-Card

The T
welfth Card


Jeffery Deaver

Although The Twelfth Card is the first of Jeffery Deaver’s books to be reviewed  here, it was my third novel in which Lincoln Rhyme and his team featured as the good guys.

Twelfth Card is a fast paced story.  A story which keeps readers wanting to read the next chapter and in so doing incurring some late nights/early mornings.

I thought the book could/would end about 40 pages earlier than it did, however the twists and turns included made every page thereafter worth reading.

Several times I thought that the story would/could end and was proven incorrect.  This may have been due to fact that I generally read prior to turning my light out at night, and my mind may not have been as alert as it could have been,

This story  kept me intrigued until the last page!


A definite


The Twelfth Card (Lincoln Rhyme, #6)

The Twelfth Card

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