imagine as a future possibility; visualize.

In 2005 we had not envisioned that one day…

…this view would…

…a few short years later look like this.

We had just finished.

I had the gravel all nicely raked.

Then dear old Maggie decided to come and join in the chat.

And we had Labrador paw prints through

the middle of our raked gravel.

On the plus side with Labradors as pets

we will never waste time raking that gravel again.

In fact I never envisioned that she would

walk across a garden bed.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Envision

A-Z Challenge-J-J-J


My contribution this week.


How this joey was comfortable or cool was beyond me, but it seemed happy tucked up in his mother’s pouch on a hot day.



Our Japanese temple in our Japanese garden



Along with several new Japanese Maples just coming into bud.



I have been informed that this also is a Japanese Maple which began life as a tiny twig which is now about 70-80 cm high and is on the list for replanting.



But the biggest “J” word around here at the moment has been generated by our politicians. Apart from the usual junk mail, living in one of the most marginal seats in the country/state, both sides of the political spectrum have been lopping huge swathes of Amazon rainforest and so they can inundate us with their empty promises daily.  It will be just a memory of a nightmare by bedtime Saturday….or the beginning of another three years of hell!




by frizztext