a voyage on a ship or boat taken for pleasure
or as a holiday and usually calling in
at several places.

Our cruise up the inside passage

to Glacier Bay was as quiet as expected.

The only surprise being some

rougher water on the first day.







the state or situation of being alone.

I’m certain I can still feel the solitude I felt…

…when waiting for, and after sunset…

…in the late evening hours and the

early hours of each morning…



…spent in Alaska’s inside passage.






Still in Alaska…

Part of Juneau’s waterfront.


Last week I posted an image of frozen water,

better known as Mendenhall Glacier.

We had to wait for our ride down to return.

We had this little bloke (and his siblings)

to keep us company while we waited.

Goodbye Juneau.

Next stop Skagway.


Water-Water-Everywhere:   #38