Black and White Tuesday16-1206


Black and White Tuesday

 December 06, 2016


A little west of Indented Head, is…

St Leonards


St Leonards has a slightly larger pier/jetty than

Indented Head…


and wraps around to allow boats to shelter

from Port Phillip Bay seas

as it rushes on to Bass Strait.


 Guarding the entrance to St Leonards Peir

is Sirens Boathouse and Kiosk.

I would have gladly contributed

to its bottom line

had it been open.



Hope you enjoyed.




Jo’s Monday Walk


This week I took a drive to the coast.

The small coastal town of

Indented Head to be specific..


Most coastal towns have a jetty or pier

situated along their shoreline.


Indented Head was no exception, in fact,

it had two which I discovered.

This one would barely gets the knees working…


however, it is  a nice place from which to watch

cargo ships make their way

into Port Philip Bay before

venturing onto Melbourne or Geelong

to unload and load with exports.



Jo’s Monday Walk