In early April

Melbourne looked

cold and gloomy.

Temperatures have not improved

as we head into winter.

This time last year we were preparing

for a Canadian/Alaskan June.

The weather was beautiful.

Even falling snow on the Columbia Icefields

did not dampen our spirits.


Although it was September 2013,

…this hyena greeted us as we left our camp for

a long day of travelling in heat forecast

to reach 39 degrees Celsius.

We are nearly ready to begin a twelve month

countdown to our next African Safari.

Considering our destinations range from 25-28 degree south,

I am already dreaming of warmer weather and sunshine.

Geelong’s latitude is 38 degrees south

so we should be quite a bit warmer.

Although no photos we also had

a family brunch on Saturday morning

to celebrate Mother’s Day.



Travel Theme-Laughter




Travel Theme.


The spotted, or laughing, hyena was my only inspiration for this post.

hyena_0054This was my first ever hyena sighting in Kruger National Park.

hyena_0088This one could have been laughing after

it had had a late night feed at

our camp in Botswana last year.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: “Laughter