A fence needed to keep us out of the water

in Ketichikan, Alaska. The red clover leaf style sign is owned by

an Australian who uses

Australian Opal and Alaskan gold

to manufacture jewellery. 

 Never expected a fence on the Mendenhall Glacier.

Its purpose was to protect these puppies.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Fence



When planning our recent holiday, 

MGW wanted visit the huskies 

on Mendenhall Glacier.

It was one of two pre-planned treats

we allowed ourselves.

The huskies seemed as pleased to see us

as we were pleased to see them.

The hardest part of the excursion was

cuddling the husky puppies

while we filled in twenty-minutes

waiting for our ride down off the glacier.

That was the hardest part of the day!!!


Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Treat



On our last afternoon as a group we took

a Riverboat Discovery cruise on the Chena River.

One of our stops was to learn about huskies.

They were only too eager to show us how 

they could pull a quad bike.

Note the husky on its kennel carrying out

its own investigation into what was happening

over the water. 


Word of the Day Challenge: Investigation




Glacier is my word for this post.

One of the definitions found for canicular was

‘…a period of inactivity…’

This Husky puppy, on Mendenhall Glacier,

was quite content to have

a period of inactivity

after a five-minute playtime with tourists.

Margerie Glacier in a calving moment.

The size of the splash can be contextualised

when compared to these vessels.


After a few passes this feathered friend decided…


to hitch a ride while it caught its breath.

Not a very good photo but included as my marine photo

as it was my only otter sighting.


While there were plenty of guests for whom this would

have had a ‘Ho! Hum!‘ factor,

for our group of Aussies this was

a day to be described as scenic.


Thursday’s Special: July Words-Yr3


Hope your hand is better Paula and

hope you don’t mind me posting.

I often wondered why Number 1 Son was such

 a creature of routine…and I think I know why!

On Wednesday,

MGW and I were heading into a Geelong

Macca’s for coffee during the week

when we spied Zak.

Zak was a lovely, patient dog (as comes with age)

and waited with his owner while children played.

Both owner and Zak were kind enough

to let me take (and publish) their photo.


Thursday’s Special: A-Stranger’s-Pet