A Foreigner….in our house?


Two or three weeks back Number 1 Son asked us out for breakfast.  Or brunch at 10.30 AM.  We both would have died of starvation if we had waited that long…yet he thinks its normal!  He wanted a ride to the airport…!!!

We had hardly sat down and he said to… Continue Reading……….


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In Victoria, we are in the middle of our school winter holiday break which usually means a trip to the nursery to purchase replacement, or new, plants for our garden.

And so it was yesterday….which led to ‘planting Monday’. Planting gives me time to get ‘up close and personal’ with our garden and this morning I became very excited with prospects for future posts.


With trusty camera in hand garden photos were on the agenda late this afternoon. I was not planning to include our little lemon tree, but seeing several lemons with late afternoon sun streaming in on them…well I could not resist.



I can assure you that this lemon was a yummy addition to my evening meal. My family think I am crazy because I eat the whole lemon!



Looks like there are more on the way.


First Date-pt4

Continued from parts 1 & 2 and 3

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Part 4/4.

‘Mum’ suggested that they would be home by 9.30 and dad would come over to collect Jo. ‘Come for coffee’ I suggested. And so around nine we began to listen for Jo’s dad when suddenly there was a thump on the back door and a muffled yell above the television. Nothing like dragging the girl friend around the back, in the dark and thumping the back door to gain entry to the cave. Jo has got a lot of work in front of her if she sticks around.

Coffee produced some interesting information – at least I thought so. Jo’s dad works with wool. We both know my school mates from my Boarding School days and finally, he knows the husband of my first cousin. So there was a lot to talk about. I’m told that there were two pairs of young eyes glancing at each other and looking quite bored.

When queried about how the night went, the reply was ‘….. Good, good, …we didn’t pash or anything…’. At 1.00 AM his lordship was still awake – not to mention that his lordship’s father was not having a good night either. And it is all set for next Sunday night.

Oh Well! She’s nice. He’s nice. And taking a girl to church is certainly not usual. But, then again I have always said our son was a little on the weird side of normal!

Before our Number 1 son was born we were frequently told that “… it gets better after the first six weeks ….” It could only be the celibate who told me that and they must have had their heads must have had their placed firmly in the sand, or elsewhere.



Breakfast with Lions ~ 2

Breakfast with Lions ~ 2

Breakfast with the lions at Shambala Animal Kingdom took place at an open air, except for a roof, venue surrounded by the largest pride of lions in Australasia.


A splendid breakfast of various juices, bacon, eggs, coffee and tea the odours of which had only a few metres to drift to the nostrils of some grumpy and unfed lions.


To reach the breakfast area we had to walk along a short, narrow laneway between four hungry lions on our right, and their counterparts on our left.   We thought they were all females.  More later.


While most of the boys waited with some degree of patience…….



Lion Hungry_4445




Hungry Lion

The alpha male was decidedly displeased at the wait for his morning morsels.


While enjoying breakfast we were within close proximity to the inhabitants of both sides

and taking these photos was not a difficult task.





I cannot remember if there was any food placed in these red balls or if they were just toys.  Either way the lions enjoyed playing with them until staff produced a bucket of red meat.  Breakfast!














We noticed some of the “lionesses” looked to be quite a bit bigger than their counterparts.  Upon commenting about our observation we were told that these females were actually boys with the ‘male’ part removed.  I did not know that a male lion needs to be ‘entire’ to grow a mane until then.  Although, having been around sheep all my life I have seen the difference between wethers and rams – both males but the latter can be used for breeding.


Just as the these fellas can.






Breakfast or no breakfast this bloke had a burr under his saddle.

He did not appreciate company at all.

Either that or he wanted to let everyone know who was boss.

Breakfast with Lions ~ 1

Breakfast with Lions ~ 1

Early one morning we rose and skipped the usual holiday breakfast, clambered into our rental car and motored down, or up, the Kennedy Highway towards Kuranda for breakfast with the lions at Shambala Animal Kingdom.

First impression was that we had arrived at an almost open range park until we spied, in the distance, some high mesh fences and what appeared to be a wall-less building that was complete with table, chairs and cooking facilities.

Breakfast_4433A short while later staff appeared and began to make us a sumptuous African savannah breakfast of various juices, bacon, eggs, coffee and tea. While we were enjoying our breakfast the odours from our bacon, eggs, etc. only had to drift a few metres to the nostrils of what is claimed to be the largest pride of (unfed) lions in Australasia.

However, Shambala Animal Kingdom boasts, and is home, to a variety of other animals all of which have their own personality and temperament. In this post focus will be on the other animals. Peacock

We found Percy Peacock keeping an eye on the hippos for any leftovers from their breakfast.


Percy observed, from the safety of his perch, his mates getting up close and personal in their search for tasty morsels.


All the while staying clear of powerful jaws.


The otters were moving so quickly that I often only managed to photograph the tip of their tail. The other option was a nice photo of concrete after the otter completed a snappy U-turn just as I pushed the shutter.


It was indeed a relief to see that they actually would stop to eat.


I’m told this bear had a cute name, however, at the time of writing no-one can remember it. Must have made an impression!



Grizzly Bear To mimic how, or where, bears find their food in the wild, handlers create places to hide food to create a challenge at meal times and keep the bears mind stimulated.


It is only the wire keeping hungry lions from that bacon…..

I left the gallery in to ponder over it…..not sure which format I prefer….individual photos or gallery.


Tomorrow I will include more photos of ‘Happy’ and his friends.