Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Hands


Hands can do all sorts of things.

They can guard.

Hands feeding and hiding

a shy subject.

Buskers hands

The subject was supposed to be young lovers.

However, it didn’t look right when cropped.

Then I noticed hands which will possibly send

their owner to an early grave

if he keeps smoking.

Long lost friends hands.








During our travels we sighted many hands.

Hands holding messages, usually meant…

that we should be watching these hands as well.

Then there holding hands, and…

and gesturing hands.

These could be mistaken for praying hands…

but there was only once that we prayed for a decent feed.

Finally hands….

waiting for next course!


A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands


Travel Theme-Hands




Travel Theme.


Happy Hands.

I still have my right hand after an encounter with a cheetah.

Hands_0441This group…
Hands_0388of young South African dancers…

Hands_0383used their hands…

to create a rhythm…

Hands_0414and to help…
Hands_0446convey the story of their dance.


Our tour guide just wanted to be in the picture.Hands_8853

 Finally, Number Two Son’s hand protectively

around the shoulder of his fiancée.


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