Good Times


After encountering our first drop of rain in two weeks in Venice, murano-venice-italy_0350

 we found seats at a side-walk cafe and made two cups of coffee stretch over about two hours…


saved, from eviction (I think), only by another couple

also seeking the shelter before our cruise

across to Murano for a late lunch.


We all agreed that it was a very enjoyable way

to spend a wet, not cold, afternoon.

Any recognisable faces cloned out for privacy purposes. 


A Photo a Week Challenge: Good Times






A glass elephant stands precariously

in our lounge room…


as a reminder of our African Safaris


These photos are another reminder of a

trivia quiz MGW and I won while

travelling through Europe in September.


Trouble is we don’t know if was good plonk

or dishwater as neither of us imbibe.

Included this photo in the hope

someone maybe able to tell us

if it was any good.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Glass