Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-T


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


(Needs to have two T’s anywhere in the word)

Many giraffes sighted in Africa came with

oxpeckers attached.


Limpy was so named because of a deformed foot.

We were told that this deformity did no hinder her

when attacking a swift-footed impala.

We did not test her ability.


Letters create words which create sentences

so we can communicate.

The wettest we have ever seen our block was

after a mid summer down pour.

This pool of water is where we now

park our cars….the garage.


Acacia trees, commonly known as wattle trees,

commence blooming in July.


Along with daffodils they are the first signs

that Spring is on the way.

A wattlebird on our clothesline.


A vignette around cherries,


around Corio Bay…

and around this dahlia.


Weekly Photo Challenge-Harmony






My contribution for this week’s challenge…



I have been out most of the day and begin

with a couple or re-posts.maggie_0800

The harmony of  our backyard is severely strained when

anything, or one, tries to come between Maggie and her food.


It’s moments like this which can also stretch a friendship.


These oxpeckers live happily on giraffes.


The harmony and discipline witnessed, and read about,

within an elephant families is adorable.

Apologies if you are getting tired of my elephant photos.

I think they are one of Africa’s most gorgeous, gentle animals.

Although there are times when they have told us

they are not happy to see us.




A Word a Week Photography Challenge-Pose


My contribution for Word of the Week Challenge this week.



‘We’ thought that pose number 1 did not look balanced





…all agreed that this pose was just right.





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Travel Theme-Connections


My Travel Theme for this week.



These three giraffes were our first giraffe sighting.  Whether it was a family of three, or three solo artists, looking out for each other, remains unknown.



Without the connection above the roof of our Olifants Camp rondavel roof would not be up there 🙂



Finally, a family connection for sure.  All ages of elephants came down to the Olifants River for a cool drink.  They were close to a kilometre away so the photo is not as good as I would have wished.


Where’s My Backpack?: Travel Theme: Connections