Black and White Challenge.


A fence I grew used to seeing.


Fences I am not…

…keen on being surrounded by.

At 0500 on our last morning in Africa (2013)

the noise outside our accommodation

was loud enough to wake me.

Imagine my surprise to see this elephant

being kept at bay by this fence.

A gateway in the wall around old York,

The United Kingdom.

The gateway onto Cunningham Pier in Geelong.







Black and White Challenge.


Under the Queen Victoria Street Bridge

which crosses the Swan River at Fremantle,

Western Australia.

A bridge in the Okavango Delta



Balyang Sanctuary footbridge



This overpass bridge is one of the main

entrances/exits from Geelong CBD.

It passes over 6 lanes of highway traffic

coming to and from Melbourne.







Black and White Challenge.


Disc plough wheel

In groups of three, wheels which

calculated quantity and price of petrol

being pumped into one’s vehicle.

Probably three wheels

on each side of the truck.

 Geelong Ferrous Wheel.



Antique hay rake.

The all-important wheel atop a windmill.








Sights of Geelong.

Geelong before dawn. 

Eastern Beach ferris wheel.

Eastern Beach strollers.

Dalgety’s Woolstore was one of

the many wool receiving facilities

in Geelong around fifty years ago. 

Now this store has been converted into

Deakin University’s Waterfront Campus.


These lifesaver bollards are but a few

of Geelong’s Waterfront precinct 

bollard collection.

We called these sharks teeth when we first saw them. 

However, I have recently been told

they represent sailing boats. 

I guess if you fell overboard you could become shark bait!

They adorn the Waterfront end of Moorabool Street,

Geelong’s main  street.   

Two blocks up the hill, on the horizon,

and you are in the heart of thee Central Business District. 

However, like many spreading urban centres

there shopping complexes springing up

about twenty minutes drive away. 

The better parking facilities attract many locals

and we do not venture into the CBD unless necessary. 



Off course this time of year Geelong would not be Geelong,

without its Floating Christmas Tree.




On January 1, 2013 some friends I hadn’t seen since 1976

arrived from Saskatchewan, Canada. One of the planned excursions was a drive along

The Great Ocean Road.

This shot, inside Lochard Gorge, was taken near

the end of that day.

The temperature was 44 degrees Celsius/111 degrees F

and the bitumen in the car park was melting.

It was summer.



Another sign that summer is on its way is

the erection of the Geelong Ferris wheel.


 Weekly Weather: Summer

Weekly Weather



A sure sign that summer has arrived,

is the Ferris Wheel on Geelong’s Foreshore.

A few days ago construction still had not begun

so I assume summer is a few weeks away.


 January 4th, 2013 at Lochard Gorge.

Bitumen in the car park was melting

and after climbing down the steps to the sand

all I wanted to do was walk over to the shade,

and there seemed to be twice as many steps

back up to car park level.

The temperature was 44 degrees Celsius, that day.


A few days later snapped this photo

of my Canadian friends with a top layer on.

I was still in shorts.


Weekly Weather: Summer

Weekly Weather

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Letter-F


My contribution for

this week’s challenge


F for Fun


The F words this week…F for Fun.

Geelong’s Eastern Beach and foreshore precinct.

Geelong’s summertime Ferris wheel.


The Botanic Gardens Fountain at Geelong.


Tourists and locals alike enjoy a friendly stroll

in the foreshore Precinct.


Some use the foreshore to sunbathe.


Early on a foggy August morning there is not much fun

to be had at the Carousel.


When the sun shines and you just want to relax,

what better way to do so than by feeding

the seagulls on the foreshore.


Black and White Tuesday17-0222_Ferris-Wheel


Black and White Tuesday

 February 21, 2017


After our coldest February day in twelve years

on Sunday…


it was a good excuse to run some

early morning errands, with camera in hand.


After a gloomy Sunday, Monday’s sunrise

was a non-event due to cloud cover.


However when the sun did break through it lit up some…

DC Photography

of the whites around the foreshore against a still gloomy sky.




Hope you enjoyed.




On our first day of summer this year…

geelong-foreshore_3788 hoses were hard at work keeping Geelong’s

fore shore in tip top condition for summer.


The ferris wheel was ready…


but the weather was not inviting and

sun lovers remained at home.


Weekly Weather:Summer

Weekly Weather