I thought I would get in early and break

one of the rules…over and done with, etc  -)

This was Rone’s contribution to Geelong’s Public Art

on the Geelong Cement Works.


Situated high above the surrounding western landscape,

it overlooked the earth works which formed

part of the cement works site.

The bridge is part of the Geelong Ring Road;

a freeway which by-passes Geelong altogether.

The Cement Works was easily visible to all

approaching Geelong from

Western Victoria.

Sadly the cement works site was razed

during April lockdown in 2020

This art put Geelong on the Silo Trail map

along with many other rural communities

which have had their silos decorated by

Rone and, maybe, other artists.



Geelong Cement Works Art

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Last week I published photo of Lismore’s silo art.



Since then I remembered Geelong’s

old cement works, silos and art.

This side overlooked the

City of Geelong, while the front…

…faced west, overlooking the Ring Road.

It is this side of the silos..

…which was used as a canvas.

World renown artist, Rone, returned to

his hometown to paint the

Cement Works Canvas in 2017.

While not as colourful as Lismore

or other silos are, the view was spectacular.

I used the past tense because in

April 2020 the silos were demolished.

Follow this link for more information:

Geelong Cement Works


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