These  are the sort of conditions…

…we think of as ‘freezing’…

…a heavy frost.



However, a frost always brings a nice sunny day,

even if it is not that warm.

The winter of 2007 I saw water running

where it shouldn’t have been one morning.

Stopped as suddenly as it began.

Next time it happened camera and ladder were nearby

and I captured these photos

of what I term a horizontal icicle.

To the best of my knowledge

it has never happened again.





Week 104


Another hard challenge this week.

An ice rink in Melbourne.

 The first and only time I have seen it was in July 2015.


This is the sort of ice I usually see.

No more than a heavy frost.


During our second winter here I found this

horizontal icicle stretching from the roof

across to the outside edge of the spouting/gutter.


Pic and Word Challenge: Ice

Weekly Photo Challenge-Unusual



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



This year was the first year for a long time…that we had a heavy frost.  

Much of our lawn is now brown,

with some green roots.  

Weeds like this bent over for a few days

and now continue to thrive.

The first half decent photo I have taken of

Geelong before sunrise.


Same morning as above, straight out of the camera.  

I think the slow shutter speed (1/3 sec)

helped the red show through.

Last but not least, I have posted this previously.  

However it is unusual to see

a rainbow, in the west, as the sunrises.





Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk27


Odd Ball

Week 27, 2017


Sunday morning seemed like a good day to

rise early and take a photo or two….

particularly as barking dogs, ours included had woken me

at 0200 and I had about twenty minutes sleep thereafter.

 A few kilometres into my journey I glanced at the

temperature readout in my car and saw that it was

a balmy -5 degrees Celsius.

 After being outside for about an hour my finger tips

had no feeling so I decided to return home,

only to be greeted with this sight in our backyard.

I will concede that frosts are not unusual,

it is just that we have not had a frost

for nearly two years,

let alone one as severe as this.


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Week-27