Commencing in July…

Candi at play.

A Great White Egret.

Geelong Marina.

The Beaumont-Hammel,

Newfoundland Memorial

in France.


Sunrise on the You Yangs, which are located

about midway between Geelong and Melbourne.


Memories of a fog and -3 degrees outing in early August.


Lochnagar Crater on The Somme Battlefields.


Another Pea Soup fog in Geelong.


Same day playing with Photoshop levels.

One of my favourite shots form Torquay.


A memorial to my Grandfather,

now in place at Lochnagar Crater in France,

where he served in World War I.

An August sunrise on Geelong’s Corio Bay.


Thursday’s Special: July-August-Recap

A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Distant

As I drove home from Geelong yesterday I just had to stop and record these images.

All photos were taken through the windscreen of my car, using my Nikon and its 70-300 mm lens. I have been told, and also read somewhere, that the DX format of the D90 turns a 300 mm lens into a 450 mm lens. Don’t quite understand it all……so if my comments are incorrect I am quite happy to be corrected.



Once again the You Yang Ranges are featured in these photos. Since commencing WoollyMuses blog I have been taking more notice of potential photo opportunities and keep seeing the You Yangs in a different light whatever the weather or time of day.



The distant power lines carry electricity from its source in Gippsland (east of Melbourne) to the Alcoa aluminium plant at Portland, in the state’s far South West; near the Victorian/South Australian border.



Apart from cropping, these images are untouched. As can be seen the fog was still around in low-lying areas at 1015 in the morning.



As for my vantage point for these shots….


…I found a spot wide enough to park at an on ramp to the Geelong Ring Road (a freeway bypassing Geelong), which is why the shots were taken through the windscreen.


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fleeting

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fleeting

Six-thirty on a work day morning is not the best time to see my creativity, such as it is, at its best. So it is a wonder that my camera and I were functioning together at this time of day. However, as sunrises and sunsets paint only a fleeting picture in the sky, being there at the right time is paramount.



Our weeping cherry provides a focal point as the sun peeps over the neighbour’s roof tops and endeavours to brighten a cold, dank, foggy morning.


The fog around here can be spectacularly thick and while this was not that bad it did provide a fleeting glimpse of a September sunrise.


As with a few of my shots these were taken through our eastern window one foggy September morning in 2011.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting (