In Melbourne…

electric-powered trams moved people around the city…


…and in Geelong electric lights illuminate…

Cunningham Pier after dark…

…not too mention illuminating our

floating Christmas Tree this time of year.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Electric





Sights of Geelong.

Geelong before dawn. 

Eastern Beach ferris wheel.

Eastern Beach strollers.

Dalgety’s Woolstore was one of

the many wool receiving facilities

in Geelong around fifty years ago. 

Now this store has been converted into

Deakin University’s Waterfront Campus.


These lifesaver bollards are but a few

of Geelong’s Waterfront precinct 

bollard collection.

We called these sharks teeth when we first saw them. 

However, I have recently been told

they represent sailing boats. 

I guess if you fell overboard you could become shark bait!

They adorn the Waterfront end of Moorabool Street,

Geelong’s main  street.   

Two blocks up the hill, on the horizon,

and you are in the heart of thee Central Business District. 

However, like many spreading urban centres

there shopping complexes springing up

about twenty minutes drive away. 

The better parking facilities attract many locals

and we do not venture into the CBD unless necessary. 



Off course this time of year Geelong would not be Geelong,

without its Floating Christmas Tree.



Weekly Photo Challenge-Tour-Guide



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Tour Guide


I commenced taking photos in and around

Geelong when I commenced blogging.

I enjoy having a quiet moment at the Eastern Beach…

particularly in the winter.

This shot is near where our camera club meets.

 Geelong’s now completed library.


A Government building known locally as the

Upside Down building.

Sounds like a government doesn’t it?


Fairly certain that, or at least part of

this building is a suburban library.


Alongside the new there are also

old buildings such as the post office.

Our Floating Christmas Tree causes controversy

each year (cost of running it) and

draws thousands of visitors to view it.

Geelong’s main street runs right down

to the waterfront and this art work.

We didn’t  know what they were

and dubbed them shark’s teeth.

Only last year I used this term only

to be told they represent yachts on the bay.

A drive up Moorabool Street (main street)

will provide this view of Kardinia Park’s

light towers at Geelong’s Football ground.

Eastern Beach

Entrance to Cunningham Pier.

Geelong’s Carousel in fog

Geelong Ferris Wheel.


Corio Bay also provides some… 

glorious sunrises, and…


If you don’t want to do anything else

there are always ‘starving’ seagulls around.


This side of the Bay is  my favourite.

With Cunningham Pier Restaurant

as a backdrop to the constantly moving boats,

the scene is always changing

as winds and tide see fit.

and when the sun drops below the horizon…

everything changes.

Make sure Geelong is on your list

of places to visit if ever Victoria.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Twinkle


My contribution for this week’s challenge…



From Corio Bay again this week.

corio_bay_0028Ripples in the water made these reflected lights appear to twinkle,

one Saturday evening during winter.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have previously posted these three  photos of

Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 these photos, however, are what happens after the

three basic colours do their thing.

A kaleidoscope of colour twinkled through

the night for all to see.

A still camera does not do justice

to the sight, unfortunately.


If you your Java Script is

not working I have included each

and every shot from the slides shows, below

Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0581 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0630 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0603Three basic colours above….

the light show below.

Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0728 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0704 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0701 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0700 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0697 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0691 Geelong Floating Christmas tree_0688 Hope you enjoyed the ‘Christmassy’ feel

to the Twinkle Challenge










Floating Christmas Tree Geelong 2015

On Friday night Geelong’s Floating Christmas Tree was launched…literally.

 Floating Christmas TreeGeelong’s Mayor, Darren Lyons, was the driving force

behind the idea of a Floating Christmas Tree for Geelong

 after seeing a similar tree off the coast of Rio De Janeiro.


Yesterday, Saturday, we decided to have a look at our floating Christmas tree.

It looked interesting in daylight…guarded by the Bollards…

Christmas Tree Geelong 2015

and breath-taking by night.

Thousands of visitors crammed the foreshore

enjoying the attraction.

We were lucky to find a park close by to capture this shot.

Geelong Christmas Tree 2015

Although its 25 metre height cannot be compared with Rio’s 82 metre tree,

I believe this may be the first Floating Christmas Tree in Australia.

Mayor, Darren Lyons and ‪#‎EventsGeelong‬ are to be congratulated for being

first to erect such a tourist attraction in Australia.

Money well spent, I say.

We waited for twenty to thirty minutes to see

all the colours and lighting effects

Floating Christmas Tree GeelongThese two last shots were taken 300-400 metres from the tree

with a hand held Nikon D90 loaded with a

Nikkor 70-300mm zoom lens at full stretch.

I cropped the ‘red’ shot to create an illusion of being closer.