Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Flame




Accelerant, a flame to ignite it and we have a fire.

And on a day like today…

a hot northerly and a forecast of 43 degrees,

there is a total fire ban for the State of Victoria.

And probably some idiot will light

an open fire, barbeque, or fire pit,

before the end of the day.


Word of the Day Challenge: Ignite



Fire has many valuable uses…such as cooking our meals.

  However, if a campfire gets out of hand…

and grows…

that is when the red trucks roll.

In Dubai fire is used for entertainment.

A few years ago, in and around Geelong,

fire destroyed several churches.

At the time rumours suggested

it may nor have been an accident.

Even though there were no really bad fires nearby,

this was the scene in Western Victoria also a few back.

 California or USA’s Pacific Coast states would

probably have seen similar, or worse,

during the past few months.

Sadly, I believe many of these fires would be

significantly reduced if authorities would allow

fallen timber to be removed from forest areas.

173 Victorians perished in fires a few years back

which were deliberately started and

burned through heavily forested areas where

there had been no fuel reduction.


Pic and Word Challenge: Fire




Black and White Challenge.


A London and an…

Australian fire truck.


Fire hydrant.

This is not a good photo for BW,

however, it is a stubble burn,

or the aftermath of a stubble burn.


Cees-Black-White-Photo-Challenge: Fire Prevention





Week 113


Smoke is created by burning material…

be that wood or a man-made compound.

 A few years ago we lived through this for several days…

as fires in central Victoria sent their smoke

all over the state.

I don’t know what would be worse…flood or fire.

I would imagine that some precious objects

may survive a flood.


However, fire has no friends and takes no prisoners.


Pic and Word Challenge: Smoke