My post this week….

various facial features and faces.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Heads-Facial-Features





Two sets of eyes for the

Girl Power Photos.

A fairly recent shot of a young lady.


And one more from nearly forty years ago.

I think it was taken in Tahiti.

If not a nearby island.

Both shots cropped to eyes only as

posting without permission is a

really grey area in Australia.



A Photo a Week Challenge: Girl-Power


One Word Photo Challenge-Fisheye



A few months back I visited St. Leonards on the coast.

Technically this may not be a fish eye,

nor may it be in the intended direction of the challenge.

However, this eye does/did live the ocean.

 The only problem is that it belongs to a squid (I think) and

I am not sure if a squid is known as

a ‘fish’…or is just a squid!


 One Word Photo Challenge: Fisheye


A-Z Challenge – EEE


My EEE contribution.



These equine which have been in the family for as long as I can remember.

They are hanging on the wall behind me watching every  move I make.

A favourite.



A quick stop  yesterday to photograph a real life horse rugged up against the winter chills.



This is a meet the family picture – a repost from the through your eyes challenge.

I think it suitable for the EEE challenge.

Eyes from a few months to nearly eighty are represented here along with eyes from a couple of ‘potential’ family members.  Time will tell if they make the grade….or not.



by frizztext