Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Three


African threes this week.

The Matriarch


A road block…and two sets of threes

Zebras really know how to posse for tourists.


Three mongoose, or should that be mongeese?

On watch.




Weekly Photo Challenge-Trio



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Mostly African trios this week…



ground-hornbill_N2199Ground Hornbill which…
ground-hornbill_N2200doesn’t look much more attractive at close quarters.

elephants_0855aWhere is the shade?


Dwarf Mongoose which barely remained still

long enough to take a shot.



 These Corellas (Cockatoos) are native to

Australia and southern New Guinea.

The last two are Where’s Wally shots

giraffes_0181Giraffes at the Sausage Tree Safari Camp water hole.

lions_0976This was part of a pride we found,

initially, on the road, at the end

of a very hot day and long day.