a period of time equal to sixty seconds
or a sixtieth of an hour.

There are 60 marks around his clock

which represent seconds or minutes.

If there was a second hand it would make

one revolution in 60 seconds or ONE minute.

The minute hand (roughly pointing at eleven)

would move to the next mark

at which it would be 3 minutes to ONE o’clock

(the hour hand).





Recently I visited a previously unheard of town called


Lunch at the local ‘Watering Hole’

Although no locals were frequenting the bar for lunch


Dunnstown and its Shamrock Hotel are not all that far from Ballarat

where some of our best gold deposits were discovered in the 1850s.

The inter dominion is Harness Racing’s

answer to the Melbourne Cup.

The caption below this image reads…


‘A tribute to

Donald F. Murphy whose forsight

has made Dunnstown

The Harness Horse Capital’


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