Drakensberg Mountains

South Africa

(Sausage Tree Safari Camp)



In 2012 we visited Cairns…


…and the Great Barrier Reef,  and…

…also the Daintree River.

Two years later we visited

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe


in 2016 during a European holiday…

…a visit to the Colosseum was on the agenda.

on the Bay.



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Week 75


My first contribution to the Pic and a Word Challenge.


The Daintree River in Far North Queensland.

It is nearly five years since we visited Cairns,

the gateway to the Daintree Rainforest.

A beautiful stretch of water with some

unique ‘no swimming’ deterrents (crocodiles)

lazing in the sun.



Daintree River Cruise

DTBank4Several years ago whilst visiting Far North Queensland a cruise on the World Heritage listed Daintree River, was suggested.

The Daintree River, located about 100 kilometres north-west of DTBank2Cairns, flows through the Daintree Rainforest in the Cape Tribulation region of Queensland in northern Australia and drains approximately 2,125 square kilometres.

My preconceived idea of the Daintree River was similar to this picture. Riverbank1 A broad expanse of water with lush green rain forest foliage growing down and into the river.

A total contrast to the type of foliage to that in southern Australia, where I have lived most of my life.


What I did not plan on was the anti-swimming ‘devices’ enjoying the autumn sunshine at strategic positions along the shore.

Croc_2While reptiles are common in southern Australia I have never seen a reptile as large as these in the wild.

The Daintree River is in an isolated area and the once threatened saltwater crocodiles, now flourishing there, are beneficiaries of the legislation that protects them.


Death by crocodile is widely reported so a wise person will not venture too close to river’s edge or swim in the river.


The main thing I remember about Far North Queensland is that all its inhabitants wore a big friendly smile!