Weekly Photo Challenge-Rounded



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Random images this week.

Some of the curves and swirls in Geelong.


Both the path and trees have bends in them.


In my youth a shirt hanging out

was a fashion faux pas.

Today’s youth, particularly have other ideas.


A design decoration found in Melbourne.

Not exactly sure what this if used for but it seemed

to fit Manly’s general design trends.

Perhaps it is used as a back rest?


Finally, a curve and swirled fence.




Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Through My Eyes


After some contemplation I decided to take a slightly different angle to the challenge this week.

Rather than getting down on the pavement…too cold, wet and hard on the joints!

Too difficult to get above….as suggested.

I asked myself,

‘What do I see during my daily life?’

The response I received was enlightening…

…and lead to my contribution to this week’s challenge.

Hope you approve as it took a while to complete.



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Most ages range from a few months to nearly eighty and are family, friends as well as including a few that fall into the ‘might be family one day’ category.


Weekly Photo Challenge~Curves-2

Most well established cities consist of old and new architecture. Geelong is no different. Described as a modern, progressive, ‘regional’ city, among Geelong’s twenty-first century architecture can be found gems such as Ashby Hall.



Built in 1914, graceful swirls and curves adorn its facades.



Ashby Hall was, maybe still is, used a dance academy.  However, the phone number is at least thirty years out of date.



Craftsmen of yesteryear created strong, sturdy and beautiful buildings which have stood the test of time.

Geelong was named in 1827 by Governor Richard Burke and first surveyed in 1838, three weeks after Melbourne. The Geelong Post Office was open by June 1840; the second to open in the Port Phillip District.
(Source: Wikipedia)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves (dailypost.wordpress.com)

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Curves

I almost had a sleepless night thinking about curves, curves and more curves.

Where to find curves?


T_1786Would I really have to settle on simple curves this week?



The agony of thought…… 3 over t or t over 3



Nature came to the rescue.  Autumn and winter have stripped bare these once leafy green trees exposing interesting, curvaceous forms for another three to four months.



Sunset accentuated denuded branches of deciduous trees.



My favourite.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves (dailypost.wordpress.com)