limited in size or extent.


All computers have a finite amount of storage.

Our first computer had an 80 megabyte hard drive.

How times have changed.

If you can find one an 8 gb USB flash drive

has roughly 100 times the

storage capacity of our first computer.  

Even the iPad I am using to write this post

has over 6,550 times the storage capacity

of our first computer.  

But all devices still have a finite storage capacity.


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Since late August my computer has not acknowledged my avatar

and will not ‘like’ posts….

unless I use other browsers or a device

other than my desktop PC.

Which is a problem as my PC is my ‘goto’ device for blogging

and where I store and edit my photos.

While in New Zealand recently,

I left my PC with a computer doctor

who failed to analyse the problem.

Unfortunately I can drive a computer but not fix one.

If anyone has any ideas about why this occurs

please let me know.

 Update: Wednesday October 24, 2018.

 As has been mentioned by other bloggers

my iPad Safari browser is not registering ‘likes’.