A few years ago I unwittingly

became part of a new tradition.

Number 2 Son asked me if I would like to go the movies.

However, we were not attending with the rabble,

rather we were going Gold Class.

Gold Class in Geelong is a small theatre

which only caters for 24 patrons.

We are usually in seats 15-16 or 21-22.

I had not been aware of the ‘tradition’

until the following year when I was again

asked out ‘…for our traditional movie outing…’

This year it is to be the new

Star Wars movie in December.

Yes,  I have already been asked! 🙂

The tradition continues.  🙂


A Photo a Week Challenge: Traditions


One Word Photo Challenge-Movie






I had forgotten this first photo.

Taken at our preferred Cinema

because  of easier access.


This gift voucher is for the opposition.

Gold Class is like what I imagine

flying First Class would be like.

Roomy, nearly fully reclining seating and

choice of food delivered  to your seats.

This voucher was a Christmas gift

from one of our boys.


 One Word Photo Challenge: Movie