inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large,
powerful, intense, or capable.

Last night (Sunday) I went for an after hours drive… 

To capture some images of what I think is

a formidable display of Christmas lights.

 It is a large front yard and it is covered again

this year with Christmas lights and somewhere

in the darkness is a hi-fi system pumping out

Christmas carols


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:  Formidable




In 2013 we relied on colourful tinsel…

to highlight our tree.

Over recent years our tree has become increasingly…

…bedecked with baubles from cities/places

we have visited.

A section of our 2018 tree.

It will be awhile before we no longer require the gold decorations.

A work in progress and something to aim for.


Word of the Day Challenge: Bedeck



I’m late, oh so late…..and apologies

 for the photo quality…my camera was

in full manual mode including focus.

This year…

number 1 Son and number 2 Daughter-in-Law

headed east to New Zealand

to spend Christmas with her family.

So we had a small family

Christmas gathering last Sunday.

We are so lucky to have these two young ladies

as members of our family.

On Monday night

number 2 Son and number 1 Daughter-in-Law

will join us to watch

Melbourne’s Carols by Candlelight on television,

followed by Christmas Day lunch

with MGW’s sisters, their families and father.

Yes, the thing that matters most

this time of year especially, is family.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Things-That-Matter-Most






Christmas Day when we are Christmas hosts, which…

is every third year and may be about…


to change as families expand.


We had a family Christmas on Sunday evening

because the foreigner in the family is

dragging number 1 son to

New Zealand for a camping Christmas.   🙂 🙂 🙂 

We posted traditions last week. 

I’m told that a family photo is to become

a Christmas tradition.


I hope they all have a Merry Christmas.







Thirty-one years ago,

although I didn’t realise it at the time,

a tradition began in our household….

It was our first Christmas as a

married couple in our own house,

the first weekend in December

our Christmas tree was erected. 

I don’t remember if I had any

input into this task

as on the farm Christmas was always

extremely busy and

MGW does often completes this task

when she has time.



After stumbling across a Christmas Shop

in September 2016, in Switzerland (I think)

a new tradition was born. 

We now decorate our tree with baubles…


 …usually of a Christmas nature from places

we have visited.

This year our planned trip was to Canada and Alaska.

It’s nice being able to look at these decorations

and relive some of the memories.