Five years ago we were readying ourselves

for our trip to Botswana.

To help with our budgeting

we agreed to ‘rustic’ accommodation.

Little did we know that our first night would

be spent in a hut which had a 12 inch gap

between the roof and walls.

The following night, while walls and roof met,

however the triangle above the front and back walls

was only filled in with chicken wire.

Our comfort, again was controlled by

chilly winds blowing in, through, or out. 😊

From there on we were in tents.

Warm and comfortable.

Upon reaching Chobe Resort…

…spent a few nights…

…in a level of comfort we…

…had not previously experienced

during this trip.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:  Comfort

Black and White Tuesday-1811


Black and White Tuesday,

 November 18, 2014


A couple of shots of…
chobe_1286the beautiful Chobe Lodge (Botswana).

chobe_1287On our walk along this path to the dining room, bar etc.,

banded-mongoose_0005we were greeted by banded mongoose and

the lawn mowers…several warthogs,

which were doing their best

to keep the grass short.



Hope you enjoyed.