Black and White Tuesday17-3005-Candi


Black and White Tuesday


Eyes on the rope….

just under DC Photography
Watch it….

 Got it!!!!



Hope you enjoyed.





Week 86


There were many times about twelve months ago…
when scenes like this left us wondering

if Candi would survive her first year.


But those scenes soon morphed into these scenes

and they are now great friends.

There is only one exception to that rule…

two dogs wanting to chew the same bone

does cause some problems.


Pic and Word Challenge: 86 Hate



Week 83


Recently I posted this picture of some…
of Candi’s (my Kelpie) toys.

Here is the rope in use.

The chase.


for a catch.

The pick up.

Followed by the return.

If we are both outside Candi shares the rope between us,

although as yet we have not worked out

the logic she employees to decide who gets next throw.


Pic and Word Challenge: 83 Games

Travel Theme-Grow




Travel Theme.


During the past twelve months we have watched our…

two new pups, grow from puppies,

although one is a bit larger than the other…

into almost adults dogs although with streaks of

teenage madness showing through every now and again.

They have also become best friends

that play fight and frolick in our back yard

on all but very hot and cold, wet days.


Where’s My Backpack: Grow




Weekly Photo Challenge-Security



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



When you are very small…It is always nice to have a bigger best friend

to snuggle up to when taking a nap.

They are always there to give you a hug

if you have had a bad dream, and…

you can kiss them thank you  for being my friend

without moving…much.