Black and White Tuesday17-2811


Black and White Tuesday


Playtime with Candi.

The more we swing the rope, top left hand corner,

the more intense is her gaze.


She doesn’t even watch the rope…

and no matter how much I try to disguise when…

and in which direction, I am going to throw it,

most of the time she is heading

in the right direction to catch it.

A quick run back to me or MGW,

a little game of tug of war,  and…

 she is set to do it all over again.

Fortunately, for us, the warmer

the weather the shorter the game is.

 My graphics cards is faulty at the moment, I think.

Something is making the monitor go blurry.

My apologies for any typos or spelling errors

over the past few days and

in the week, or so, to come.



Hope you enjoyed.






Wednesday evening, around 1730,

with the temperature still in the high twenties,

Candi our black and tan kelpie…was in one of her usual spots in the shade after

a day of above 30 degrees Celsius temperatures.

By 1750 she had disappeared.


No-one in the neighbourhood had seen her…

and while we were spreading the word

and looking for her, other dog walkers

commented that she was timid

and an unlikely candidate to run away.

I am not sure who was more upset,

Taji or MGW.

 While wondering what our next step was going to be,

the sky had turned to dusk,

MGW heard the phone beep and noted

there was a message.

Thinking it was a neighbour who had found Candi,

you can imagine her surprise, shock and relief

when she hard it was

The Geelong Animal Emergency Centre.

With very little light in the sky we set off

on a TWENTY-THREE kilometre drive

to the Animal Emergency Centre.

Candi was unharmed and very pleased

when we arrived home.

How did she get there?

She won’t tell me…yet.

All we have been told is that she was found

on the  Melbourne Road, Geelong West,

which does not make sense.

 However, I think we all slept a little better than

we would have otherwise last night.

But we are still wondering…..HOW?

And more to the point WHY? 

All’s well that ends well.





In the summer of 1989….

I created this kennel from the meagre scraps

of material which came with our farm.

It last until the summer of 2016.

Two new dogs meant two new kennels.


 Taji was introduced to hers…

and she appeared to give it…


the nose of approval.

She promised Candi that she would not

use hers until Candi had one, also.

Then Maggie had a look around and

decided she wanted new digs also.

so it was that we had three home-made

kennels being occupied.

This is Candi’s kennel.

Yesterday, as on other days when Taji is tied up

and Candi off the chain,

they snuggle up for their midday nap together.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Hand-Made


Travel Theme-Animal-Companions



Animal Companions

 Travel Theme.


My companions through the years.

Brandy, December 1988.

Around eight or nine years later

Brandy had an off-sider to train.

Her name was Zoe.

Brandy’s daughter, Ginger, was born early September 2001.

Ginger was one of Brandy’s only litter of pups,

that we know of, and she was born

about three weeks before Brandy died.


 Ginger would sing with some persuasion,

just like Brandy.



Ginger became a nervous wreck when she had a bone.

She would spend hours trying to find a safe place to bury it.

All the while Labrador, Maggie,

quietly watched from afar,

and then dug it up when a tired Ginger

decided to have a snooze.

Who would have thought Ginger would be dead

only a matter of days after this shot was taken?


Then about 18 months ago, early 2016,

along came Candi,

courtesy Number 2 Son and Daughter-in-law.


Candi will never work sheep, however,

she has some other talents I have

never seen in a sheep dog.

She runs with the flight of the rope

and still manages to catch it.


Where’s My Backpack: Animal-Companions



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-17Wk29-1707


Odd Ball

Week 29, 2017


Due to shooting through a glass door… 

these are not good photos, however…

they do give two perspectives on the term

Morning Exercise


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-Week-29









Week 86


There were many times about twelve months ago…
when scenes like this left us wondering

if Candi would survive her first year.


But those scenes soon morphed into these scenes

and they are now great friends.

There is only one exception to that rule…

two dogs wanting to chew the same bone

does cause some problems.


Pic and Word Challenge: 86 Hate