Topiary…Palace of Versailles


Red vehicle



Hobbiton…inside out

Craig’s Hut

Craig’s Hut…Inside out







Our last connection with the farm

is still flowering strongly. 

This (2021) is its 16th year since it was

unceremoniously transported 200km

and planted in its new home. 

My guess is that it spent nearly 5 years

(if not more) in the farm garden

before being transported.






I just love this Camellia

simply because it  came from

the farm when we moved.

I’m not exactly sure of it’s purchased date,

however, it was planted under a willow tree

in our backyard where it survived

but did not flower.

We had it for at least four or five years

prior to moving in September 2005.

Fifteen years later and it is

going stronger than ever.