Cairns Grass.

Considering this was my only visit, to date,

into banana and sugar growing country,

I found these sights fascinating.

When I saw this weekend’s theme…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bananas-sugar-cane_100_5777.jpg

I immediately thought of bananas and sugarcane.

While sugarcane is definitely a grass,

the classification of banana trees is not unanimous.

According to

banana trees can be

…considered the largest grass on earth,

the banana tree is a very interesting tropical plant

that can be grown even in non-tropical areas

if a few precautions are taken.


was the only website I found which proclaimed

banana trees to be a member

of the grass family.

Most (websites) agreed on the ‘herb’ classification.


FriendlyFriday:  Splendor-In-The-Grass

Amanda                       Sandi

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Colour-Blue


A range of dominant blue scenes.Near Cairns in Queensland.

Mt Sheba Resort, South Africa


Grouse Mountain,

British Columbia,



A portion of the

Australian War Memorial

at Villers Bretonneux

in France.



The Drakensberg Mountains

as seen from

Sausage Tree Safari Camp

Greater Kruger National Park

South Africa

Travel Theme: Play


My contribution to the travel Theme Challenge were taken while on a Queensland holiday.



With forty or fifty bacon and egg breakfasts only a few metres away some of the lions found it easier to play with the ball as a distraction to the breakfast smells wafting through the air.



After breakfast there was always the Cairns swimming pool provided a place to play, relax, enjoy the sun, and a swim while only a few metres from a shopping centre across the road…when lunch time arrived…


Where’s my backpack?: Travel theme: Play



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Seating

More of Paronella Park


Mena Creek_5563Paronella

Imagine that you are serving in, the armed forces in the Pacific during World War II…


Mena Creek_5560Paronella

What better place to come to for a relaxing day, perhaps with an Aussie ‘friend’ on your arm.



Plenty of seating to relax and chat over anything but your ‘work’…



In what could only be described as a romantic setting.



Even its overgrown state…just imagine



Who knows, at this very table an Aussie girl may have said ‘Yes’ to an American soldier’s proposal…


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Seating



A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Castle

A Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Castle


José Paronella’s dream was to build a Spanish Castle in Australia


Paronella astle_5494

After purchasing 5 hectares of land along the Mena Creek, near Cairns, Queensland, Australia, and a lot of hard work his dream was realised.


Paronella Castle_5495

Part of José’s dream was to provide enjoyment for other people.  There was a ball room, a meadow for children to play in and movies were shown every Saturday night from this tower.


Paronella Castle_5540

Paronella Castle is now a tourist attraction which I found to be thoroughly enthralling to visit.


Paronella Castle_5542

While it is noe only a ruin, which suffers from flooding and cyclones it was, during the Second World War Paronella was a destination for soldiers on Recreation Leave.

Read my ‘Masterpiece‘ links at the end of the related articles, for more information.

If interested, there is also at least one more Paronella post to come next week.





Wordless Wednesday – Cairns


Snorkelling on  the Great Barrier Reef.



A sunset cruise to finish the day



Could we call that a ‘Blue Moon‘?


Wordless Wednesday


In two hours it will be Wednesday. Half a world away it is 0600, Tuesday morning. Weird, hard to grasp…at times. Wednesday is my busiest day of the week. Not home until well after dark and it is either miss out or organise a post not knowing the theme. I prefer participation….even if I am off the mark!


Wordless Wednesday – Class Clown (


Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Boat

I had to trawl through photos as boats are not something I usually photograph.

I found boats that…


…look really big



Boats that look fairly small


Corio Bay_1486

…a boat in the sun (a repost, sorry)


Daintree River_5106-0

…. and a small boat.

But the next boat was to be my FAVOURITE boat….




…some things are not meant to be….are they?


During my search I also discovered that gravy boats 

are ideal for softening butter in microwaves.  

AND still it has been tossed out…


Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Tropical

Word a Week Photography Challenge ~ Tropical

I was wrapped to see that Word of the Week was tropical beacuse I have had one or two photos taken in the tropics which I have been wanting post for some time.

All, but the first, were taken at Paronella Park about an hours drive from Cairns.  I hope you enjoy them.

This will push me to organise and post the other photos I took at Paronella.


I don’t know what this flower is except that it caught my eye and the Cairns Botanic Gardens.


A selection of tropical jungle at Paronella Park…


…more tropical ferns, vines and other plants adorn the ruins at Paronella Park.


This shot of the two-tone green leaves rising above the darker green foliage is only surpassed by…


…a closer shot of the spectacular contrasting greens in this plant.

And just when you think you have seen it all…

Paronella Hibiscus

Paronella Hibiscus

…you turn a corner to find this stunning hibiscus.

Sugar Sweet in Cairns


All my life I have associated sugar and Queensland. What I did not know was 95% of Australia’s sugar industry is located in Queensland. New South Wales claims the other 5%. In total 80% of sugar produced in Australia is exported making Australia the third largest raw sugar supplier in the world. Sugar cane is Australia’s seventh largest agricultural export valued at nearly 2 billion dollars. (Source: Australian Sugar Cane Industry)


So it was only a mild surprise when some sugar cane fields appeared within five or ten minutes drive from our Cairns accommodation.


Over the years television stations have shown a ten second news clip of sugar cane trains without really depicting their proximity to the cane field. Little did I know just how close the track was to the field.


We also hear of the wet and dry seasons in the tropics. I am not sure if this field is being rested or if it is too wet to plant. We did visit the area a few months after the 2011 Queensland floods.


The big surprise during our touring was seeing bananas and sugar side by side.

100_5777BananasClick or tap on images to view full size.


Word of the Week Photo Challenge – Mountain

I have spent most of my life living on fairly open plains and, therefore, my definition of a mountain is an extinct volcano which stands about 100 metres above the surrounding lava plains and tops out at 367 metres above sea level.

While Australia does have The Great Dividing Range down its east coast they are geologically old and weather-beaten!  When visiting the Canadian Rockies in 1976 I read on a plaque that the Australian Mountains were already well eroded when the Rockies were formed.  This morning, Google and Wikipedia tend to contradict this belief and puts both sets of mountains at roughly the same age.  I was really hoping ours were older!

My contributions for this week come mainly from the Cairns region.


The next two were taken while on the Daintree River.100_5111Mtn

And if you have noticed that these photos are getting bigger?

It is because I have finally worked out how to enlarge them!!


So  watch out for bigger and better photos in future…hopefully!

Finally, if you were a fish….would you call this a mountain?