The Eiffel Tower is not a giant among

the world’s towers, however…



Going to the top of Dubai’s, Burj Khalifa 

is an experience not to be missed. 

From the ground it is difficult to see the

top 830 metres above ground.   

The public viewing platform is a

mere 555 metres above ground

and is still the highest viewing platform

in the world.

With a thirty-year-old, six ton elephant

above and behind me,

feeling small was easy.


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  Feeling-Small





The small gold mining town of Stieglitz

was prosperous during the gold mining era.

Prospectors flooded the area in search

of good fortune gold and wealth.

Today, however, few buildings remain

to remind us of the prosperity

which once was in abundance.



 Although today, however, it is a museum of sorts

housing artifacts…

…and memorabilia from a bygone era.





having lived or existed for only a short time.

The older entertaining...

…an appreciative young audience.

Old Maggie gives some sage advice to young Taji.


Word of the Day Challenge:  Young







People providing joy for others.


A Melbourne busker winning over

a young audience member…

….or is the appreciative youngster

cheering up her elder?

Sadly this is a case of the camera

adding to the subject.



Sadly my subject was much slimmer than

my camera has chosen to depict.

Still, she had an appreciative,

if not generous, audience.

One of several human statues

sighted in Melbourne.


Cee’s-Hunt-for-Joy-Challenge:  Cheer-Someone-Up



Starting with Melbourne urban sights.

I’m not sure if this service is still operating.

Next week’s fashion?



We had an enjoyable carriage ride in

Victoria, British Columbia, last year.

It’s probably about time to check out Melbourne

with a one horsepower drive.

An ice rink in the country is unheard of.

I was surprised to see this open air rink

in Melbourne a few years ago.

Heads deliberately removed because

most skaters were youngsters

I always associate buskers…


with urban life.

Couldn’t help take this one.

Big sister was horrified.

Little sister was cooling.

Mum was busy talking to a friend

and did not see any of this!


A Photo a Week Challenge: Urban






Al though I don’t actually remember this bloke…

…I do have photos of Rome’s Inviolable Man.

Can also be found YouTube if you would

like to see him in action.



Melbourne’s Human Statue made me wonder

upon first sighting him.

I was so busy trying to take ‘modest’ shots of this

young, flexible lady that I did not notice two things

until she was on my computer monitor.

First, she looks heavier in the photo than in real  life.

Second,  while I was trying to be demur,

the bloke in the background

appeared to be enjoying the show.


SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:  Unusual-Encounters




…who need people…

If  only the iPad operators, in our group

stood this far back from the crowd,

instead of in front.

Will always remember these

two young ladies from Amsterdam.

After asking would they mind posing,

the girl on the left hit me for 5 Euro,

and kept straight face long enough

for mine to express the shock I felt,

before she burst out  laughing.

The villains 🙂


Mostly we have met…



or seen people helping others…

…in various ways.

Is the photographer helping

her model or vice versa?

The ‘shoot’ was for a tertiary

photography course.

Maybe they were studying

the same course.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Musical Chairs


My contribution for this week’s

Musical Chairs

All re-posts this week unfortunately.


A Melbourne buskervienna_0389Interval at our Viennese Concert.


As previously mentioned I thought young lady

was set for some evening busking.

However, I think she may have played briefly

for another tourist group in Brugge.